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Niragongo Technologies Receives Investment from AOL Time Warner Ventures

Herzliya, Israel. February 26, 2001 - Wireless software company Niragongo Technologies, Inc. announced today that it will receive an investment from AOL Time Warner Ventures as part of a recently closed financing round.

Niragongo has developed a carrier-grade platform and set of applications that accelerate the delivery of content to wireless devices and improve the user experience, including navigation. Niragongos Lava Platform and applications provide users with a vastly enhanced mobile Internet experience.

"Niragongo is delighted to have AOL Time Warner joining the round," said Yaron Kalish, CEO and co-founder. "Usability is one of the key issues facing wireless Internet users today, and AOL Time Warner is keenly aware of the importance of improving the user experience on mobile devices. We welcome this investment and look forward to working together to improve the quality of wireless Internet access."

"We believe that Niragongos one-click navigation technology is innovative and offers a step forward in improving the usability of the mobile Internet," said Len Leader, President of AOL Time Warner Ventures. "In addition to substantially improving access speed and simplifying navigation, the technology also gives carriers a much desired presence in the background throughout a users Internet session, and enables important new capabilities."

About Niragongo ( http://www.niragongo.com )
Niragongo Technologies Inc. provides data delivery systems for the mobile Internet.
Niragongos Lava Platform enables superior mobile Internet usability through enhanced navigation and accelerated content delivery.
Niragongo offers a set of unique applications, based on the platforms strengths.
With the Lava Platform, Niragongo makes WAP usable today, while providing a powerful solution for any future wireless standard.

About AOL Time Warner Ventures
AOL Time Warner Ventures is a division of the AOL Time Warner Investment Corp.