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SEVEN Announces Carrier Platform to Deliver Turnkey Wireless Data Access Solution to Enterprise Customers

Platform Enables Carriers to Realize Rapid Return on Investment in 2.5G and 3G Spectrum and Network Upgrades; Enterprises to Benefit from Unified Wireless Services

SEVEN Announces $34M Series A Funding, Board of Directors and Management Team

Cannes, France, February 19, 2001 To make wireless data access manageable, interoperable and more secure, SEVEN announced today at the 3GSM World Congress the first global infrastructure that will allow wireless telecommunications carriers to deliver a complete wireless data and voice integrated service solution to enterprise customers. SEVENs technology solves a persistent problem that has limited the appeal of enterprise wireless data access services: How to deliver carrier-based, high-value wireless solutions in a highly fragmented marketplace marked with multiple and incompatible standards.

Additionally, SEVEN has secured $34 million in Series A funding from two leading venture-capital firms: Ignition Corporation and Greylock. SEVENs board of directors includes Brad Silverberg, CEO, chairman/founder, Ignition Corp.; Cameron Myhrvold, managing director/founding partner, Ignition Corp.; David Sze, general partner, Greylock; Alain Rossmann, executive vice president, strategy and corporate development and chairman of the board of directors, Openwave (NASDAQ: OPWV); and Siva V. Kumar, chairman, co-founder and CEO of Impresse Corporation.

SEVENs carrier-based platform for delivery of wireless data solutions allows carriers to create true customer value and leverage their extensive investment in wireless infrastructures, said Bill Nguyen, SEVENs founder and president. The platform enables carriers to economically deliver seamless, turnkey enterprise solutions such as messaging, sales-force automation and enterprise data access while allowing those enterprises to avoid risky and expensive one-off wireless investments.

SEVENs platform has already attracted Europes largest wireless data carriers, BT Genie and BT Cellnet, as its first major contract. SEVEN has also signed an agreement with Microsofts Mobility Business Unit to mutually support each others wireless technologies (Please see related releases at www.seven.com).

Specific benefits of the SEVEN platform for telecommunications carriers include:
* Fast creation of new wireless data services offerings based on SEVENs combination of rapid service creation, modular software solutions and professional services support.
* A cost-effective mechanism to enable comprehensive management of ongoing services and robust customer network management.
* The opportunity to market global wireless data network services to supplement voice revenues.
* A go-to-market strategy that enables operators to deliver services today and leverage existing infrastructure investments.

Specific benefits of the SEVEN platform for the enterprise include:
* Consistent and reliable wireless access across all devices and across all existing (e.g., GSM, CDMA, TDMA) and emerging 2.5G and 3G networks.
* Rapid adoption and deployment of cost-effective, carrier-based, mobile solutions that leverage existing IT investments in applications and network infrastructure.
* Availability of value-added services such as carrier-class security, user manageability with Class of Service, Quality of Service and network manageability via a simplified portal interface.

IDC sees tremendous potential for mobile use in enterprises, said Keith Waryas, research manager for IDCs Mobile eBusiness program. A host of business centric applications, such as giving mobile sales people the ability to access centrally stored account data, are likely to drive mobile ebusiness in the coming years.

SEVENs deep management and engineering talent comes from Ascend Communications, Amazon, BellSouth, [email protected], IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, Openwave, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Coupled with market makers Brad Silverberg (Windows) and Alain Rossmann (WAP/Phone.com), this team represents a breadth and depth of talent unparalleled in the wireless marketplace. Bill Nguyen, SEVENs founder and president, was the founder of the pioneering carrier-based unified-messaging company Onebox, which is now part of Openwave Systems. The companys engineering expertise is led by Sandeep Khanna, vice president of engineering, who was responsible for Sun Microsystems Java Server Team, and managed the consumer services division at Healtheon/WebMD during that companys tremendous growth. (Full biographies available at www.seven.com).

Enterprises, which have historically have been the driving force behind the adoption of new technologies, have already recognized that wireless data services are a business imperative, yet they find themselves stymied by technical and standards issues, said Brad Silverberg, Ignition. SEVEN provides compatibility and interoperability for all players in the wireless data services market.

About SEVEN (www.seven.com)
SEVEN provides the only global infrastructure that allows telecommunications carriers to deliver turnkey wireless data services to enterprises. SEVENs international network of data centers, professional services, and software solutions manages every aspect of wireless data services between carriers, enterprises and enterprise applications.

About Ignition (http://www.ignitioncorp.com)
Ignition is a premier venture capital firm founded by leaders in the software, internet, communications and wireless industries. Our mission is to ignite fruitful partnerships bringing together these technologies, to help entrepreneurs reach their goals and to help build great companies. Our passion is to see their technologies make a lasting positive impact.

About Greylock (http://www.greylock.com)
Founded in 1965, with offices in Boston and San Mateo, Greylock is one of the nations largest early-stage venture capital firms with assets of over $2.2 billion under management. The firm focuses on early stage investments in communications technology and services, Internet infrastructure and technology, e-commerce, and enterprise software/services. Greylocks strategy is to work in a highly supportive way with entrepreneurs who, in turn, are committed to building long-term value in companies that aspire to be leaders in their markets. Greylocks early stage investments in recent years include Red Hat, Phone.com (now Open Wave), Storage Networks, Sirocco Systems, Octane, Corio, Maker Communications, DoubleClick, Media Metrix, Open Market, Kiva Software, CheckFree, Forte Software, Legato, ISS Group, Trilogy, Clarus, Xircom, Ascend Communications, and Copper Mountain Networks. Greylock has sponsored more companies to successful public offerings than any other early-stage venture firm, with over 160 total and has been the lead or co-lead investor in almost all of these companies.

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