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http://www.certicom.com Certicom is a leading provider of information security software and services,
specializing in solutions for mobile e-business. The companys products and
services are specifically designed to address the challenges imposed by a
wireless data environment. Certicoms solutions incorporate its proprietary
encryption technology and are based on industry standards for information
security that utilize public key cryptography.

Certicom will demonstrate secure digital signatures using its WAP-compliant
technology, bringing another aspect of end-to-end security for m-commerce applications. The demonstration will include the full cycle of registering for a
certificate, performing secure key generation, certifying the key using the
Trustpoint PKI Portal and CA, and then using the key to perform a digital signed transaction. This will showcase all the technology components necessary to
enable secure wireless transactions. The demonstration will take place on a Palm
Pilot connected over GSM and involves many of Certicoms products including the full range of Trustpoint wireless PKI products, WTLSPlus, and efficient Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Press Contact
Martine Boogaerts, Certicom Corporation
Tel: +44 (0) 207 661 9312
[email protected]

Lorraine Kauffman, Certicom Corporation
Tel: +1 510 780 5417
[email protected]

Digital Bridges
http://www.digitalbridges.com Digital Bridges Ltd. is the total service provider for wireless entertainment. The company brings three major assets to the new medium of wireless communications: delivery technology; distribution and publishing capabilities and content design experience.

Digital Bridges UNITY platform generates and delivers interactive entertainment content. It is capable of supporting many thousands of simultaneous users in multi-user, multi-language online sessions, with each user receiving content automatically optimised for their chosen device. Whilst currently in use to deliver services to the first generation of WAP-based mobile handsets, UNITY will support all future device and network technologies, all future extensions of the WAP protocols and all client device operating systems.

Press Contact
Brian Baglow, PR Manager Digital Bridges
Tel: +44 (0) 1383 723 234
[email protected]

http://www.earthport.com earthport plc is a UK-based company that has developed a global Internet payment system to provide users such as banks, telecommunications companies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), portals and merchants the opportunity to buy and sell their goods and services securely and simply over the Internet through PCs, digital TV, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled devices such as mobile phones, and trade exchange platforms.

earthport is the global Internet payment bridge that connects the banking
world and the Internet to let communities shop and move money around the
world quickly, securely and cheaply via any Internet enabled device including WAP phones. earthport will demo its secure m-commerce payment system to highlight bi-directional micro to mega cash transactions across a secure WAP gateway.

Press Contact
Ian Villiers
Tel: +44 (0) 208 987 1968 or 07884 491 984
[email protected]

http://www.fenestrae.com Fenestrae, www.fenestrae.com, is a global leading provider of software solutions for mobile and multi-media information exchange. The company headquarters are located in Leidschendam, The Netherlands. Fenestrae also has offices in the USA, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia. Fenestraes present flagship products, Fenestrae Mobile Data Server and Faxination, are sold through a worldwide partner network, with installations in more than 60 countries.

At the WAP Forum Press Event Fenestrae demonstrates the Fenestrae Mobile Data Server (MDS). This solution provides mobile access to corporate data using any mobile handset, via any wireless network and to any business application. The demo for Fenestrae Mobile Data Server will inspire new levels of productivity by providing mobile workers with secure, real-time wireless access to e-mail, calendar, contacts and databases. Fenestrae demonstrates the scenario where a mobile professional uses a WAP phone, to check his next appointment (Microsoft Outlook calendar), retrieves the address details and checks outstanding orders and discount levels of the account.

Press Contact
Mariska van Beukering, Global PR Manager
Tel: +31 (0) 70 3015100
[email protected]

http://www.genie.co.uk Genie is the mobile Internet division of BTopenworld, BTs mass market
Internet business. It delivers top quality content via its web and WAP
portals to fixed and mobile devices around the world, with an objective to
be a global leader in the mobile Internet portal market.

Genie currently has web and WAP portals in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany,
Spain and Italy, and WAP portals in Hong Kong and Malaysia with more than
2.6 million registrations in total.

At the WAP Forum Genie will be demonstrating Banzai, a zany Japanese-style
game show showing on E4 where the host invites the people to join in
irreverent games in public. Banzai has two options; Hand of Frenzy which is
a karate fighting game where players can play against each other, and create
skill profiles; and Fortune Flower, which offers humorous words of wisdom
that change every day. New games linked the E4 programmes will be released

Press Contacts
Kat James, Genie PR
Tel: +44 (0) 7753 560134
[email protected]

Suzanne Kyle, Edelman PR
+44 (0) 207 344 1303
[email protected]

http://www.materna.de and http://www.annyway.com The MATERNA group is one of Germanys leading software distributors for information and communications technology. MATERNA currently employs more than 1,200 members of staff throughout Europe. In 2000, the company earned 175 million Euros in revenues. In addition to its headquarters in Dortmund, the company has branch offices throughout the whole of Germany as well as in France, UK, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech and Hong Kong. The sphere of activity covers products, solution and services for E-solutions, mobile solutions and unified messaging.

The Anny Way WAP Server offers the mobile radio network user an application interface for content provider plug-ins. The content provider plug-ins are applications enabling the mobile user to access data and services of the companys intranet. The Anny Way WAP Server, using the Outlook service, guarantees a secured access on the employees mailbox and transfers incoming E-mails in WML (Wireless Mark-up Language) to his/her handset. An application WAP database service is able to determine the customers yearly turnover in a customer database and to transmit the figures to the employee.

Press Contacts
Antje Zimmer, Materna
Tel: +49 231 55 99 531
[email protected]

Renate Hense, HWP
+49 6021 38 66 659
[email protected]

Mgage Systems
http://www.mgage.com Mgage Systems is a product company that provides operators with mobile messaging applications. Mgage Systems combines, develops and exploits the latest technology in mobile infrastructure and devices, striving to build innovative products and services that meet the mobile generations ever changing needs.

Mobile Chat - a real-time mobile chat that brings all the familiar Internet chat functionalities right down to the mobile phone.

Mobile e-Cards - a service that enables users to send electronic greetings from a WAP phone to a recipients e-mail or directly to another WAP phone.

BattleDroids - challenge a friend or an opponent from a ranking list. Build a robot by choosing a character, weapons, defence and means of transportation. Based upon the skills of each players robot and the logics of the game the winner is crowned.

Press contact
Styrbjörn Horn, CEO
Tel: +46 70 26 11 000
[email protected]

Mikael Lenneryd, Director of Marketing
+46 70 26 11 004
[email protected]

http://www.motorola.com/wap Motorola Wireless Travel Solution allows corporate travelers to manage all their travel-related transactions anytime, anywhere. With a single password and logon, the traveler can arrange and change flights, book hotel rooms and rental cars, make dining reservations and do last-minute shopping - all from a handheld device. Pricing and payment can be tied to corporate travel profiles so employers realize savings from pre-negotiated travel rates as travelers enjoy the convenience of one-stop-shopping for real-time travel transactions.

Motorolas m-Wallet is a secure electronic method to pay for goods purchased on online via a mobile device. Billing and shipment information is entered once on a PC or mobile phone and m-Wallet automatically completes the payment forms - with just one click, payment information is transferred to the merchant. The m-Wallet provides receipting capability that reduces fraud and dispute costs, and allows carriers to track consumer spend to offer personalized programs and measure advertising and promotion impact. The Motorola m-Wallet requires no new infrastructure, and supports any security method the merchant chooses.

Press Contact
Julie Leverenz
Tel: +1 847 576 9880
[email protected]

Orsus Solutions
http://www.orsus.com Founded in 1999, Orsus Solutions is dedicated to developing integration solutions for the new, loosely coupled affiliations of e-commerce and m-commerce. Orsus core technology draws on the disciplines of automation, Internet and integration to create an entirely new approach to linking business processes. The companys solutions are optimised for the special realities of e-business, enabling organisations to reap the benefits of integration at a speed that matches the rapid pace of change of online business.

Orsus Solutions, a leading vendor in mobile applications and services, will be showcasing its iGlue(tm) Wireless product set, a complete solution for developing and deploying mobile enterprise applications. The iGlue Wireless solution integrates information securely from enterprise systems, databases, intranets and the Web and delivers it to employees, customers and partners, wherever they are, at any time and on any device. Its powerful visual editors, data integration and device support capabilities make it the fastest path to mobilising the enterprise.

Press Contact
Helen Bowle, Marketing Communications Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 207 556 7113
[email protected]

Judith Hunt
+44 (0) 207 684 5577

Panasonic / Matsushita Communications Industrial UK Ltd
http://www.mcuk.panasonic.co.uk The European design and manufacturing centre for Panasonic mobile phones is located at Thatcham in the UK. Opened in 1988 the centre is known as Matsushita Communications Industrial UK Ltd (MCUK).

Panasonic is the manufacturer best placed to become the leading supplier of 3G mobile communications handsets. Using the resources of the entire group in audio, visual, batteries, electronic components and multimedia, it can fulfil the promise of the new mobile multimedia world.

The GD93, Panasonics first WAP phone, makes accessing the Internet both quick and simple. The GD93 has an extraordinary 210 minutes of talktime or up to 170 hours of standby time available, so you can chat, send SMS or check your e-mails, using the unique mobile e-mail facility. Without changing e-mail addresses you can access all your existing ISP accounts, read and reply with the help of the Point-to-Point Protocol system. Plus the GD93 has made speed a priority for you with a set of predefined SMS messages, a 6-line display screen and T9 text input. With only one key press per letter, T9 lets you say what you need to in half the normal time, leaving you more minutes for WAP browsing.

Press Contact
Joanne Boden
PR and Advertising Co-ordinator
Tel: +44 (0) 1635 871466
[email protected]

Peramon Technology
http://www.peramon.com Peramon leads the world in developing software to drive the mobile Internet marketplace. Its vision is to provide access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Founded in 1999, Peramon now employs 37 staff at its UK headquarters and Asia Pacific office in Australia.

Peramons world class software applications are used by over 5 million people worldwide through services provided by blue chip organisations such as Critical Path, Star Media, Freeserve and BSkyB. To make the mobile Internet vision a reality, Peramon is working with like-minded innovators including Motorola, Nokia, HP, Sun and Openwave.

Developer of next generation mobile Internet applications, Peramon, will be using GPRS handsets to demonstrate how access to corporate and wireless portal services can be made using WAP over GPRS. Through Peramons technology, users can improve their personal productivity by accessing personal information management applications such as email, calendar, message boards and chat forums. In doing so, Peramon aims to prove that WAP and GPRS are NOT mutually exclusive.

Press Contact
Suzy Dowsett, Thinkconsultancy
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 672 755
[email protected]

http://www.skygo.com SkyGo is the wireless marketing pioneer, founded in 1999 to provide the
technology, media and creative expertise companies need to manage
responsible, effective communication with mobile consumers. SkyGos wireless
marketing network features the only platform that creates, delivers, tracks and reports on wireless advertising, transactions and rewards programs. With SkyGo, advertisers, carriers and publishers can increase revenues and foster customer loyalty by delivering targeted, compelling and convenient information to Internet-enabled mobile devices.

SkyGo has developed the first wireless marketing platform that provides the infrastructure that advertisers, carriers and publishers need to enhance consumer relationships and generate new revenue through responsible wireless marketing and m-commerce. SkyGo will demonstrate how its platform creates, delivers and tracks wireless advertising, transactions and rewards programs to WAP-enabled mobile
devices. We will display the varied ad types and different "call-to-action" functionalities our platform is enabling today.

Press Contact
Leah Bibbo, Public Relations Manager, SkyGo
Tel: +1 650 232 1162
[email protected]

http://www.trintech.com Trintech is a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions for real world, Internet and wireless transactions. The company, founded in 1987, offers a complete range of payment software products for credit, debit, commercial and procurement card applications. Trintechs secure product range is deployed in over 35 countries worldwide and covers the payment requirements of consumers, card issuing banks, merchant acquiring institutions, merchants, eMerchants, telcos, wireless operators, ISPs/CSPs, Portals and large corporations.

Trintech provides a suite of mCommerce payment solutions with PayWare eIssuer and mAccess, bringing payment convenience and security to the wireless environment. PayWare mAccess is the industrys first secure e-payment solution for mobile commerce. Card issuers and wireless operators can distribute virtual payment cards so that consumers can shop securely with their wireless device with "one touch" convenience. PayWare mAccess manages every subscribers personal and payment related information, delivers only the relevant information to the merchants site, while capturing and storing a digital receipt and then transfers payment details through the wireless device to a payment processor.

Press Contacts
Media USA, Suzanne Hartman
Tel: +1 206 239 0170

Media Europe, Candida Sampson
+44 (0) 20 7526 3614

http://www.wapit.com Wapit Ltd. is a global leader in building a comprehensive suite of advanced
mobile middleware technology and applications. With our modularized,
easy-to-use Wapit Product Portfolio, we offer our customers a complete
toolbox to build revenue generating mobile solutions tailored to their
specific market needs. Our unique middleware platform and advanced
application tools enable rapid creation and integrated administration of new
mobile services, on top of which we offer our suite of advanced ready-to-use
applications. Founded in 1998, Wapit Ltd. headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland.

With BulletinBoard, users have an Internet-like home page on their mobile
phones. WAP and SMS users can create and personalize their own mobile
bulletin boards for anything they choose. Once a user has created a page,
the page can be updated (an optional update notification via SMS is sent to
the page users), searched for, shared, deleted, or even given to other
users. BulletinBoard can be used as a scheduling tool too. By requesting timed messages users can send notifications and reminders to themselves and others at any time or date in the future.

Press Contact
Thomas Lindström, Manager, Marketing and Communications
Tel: +358 50 383 8620
[email protected]

http://www.xtempus.com Xtempus is a mobile software company that has developed a mobile middleware
platform, and specialises in supplying mobile applications using this platform. Xtempus products remove the many complexities in implementing m-commerce and enable enterprises to rapidly provide wireless services to their customers or employees. Xtempus products can be integrated as individual modules or as a complete product suite enabling critical mobile services such as remote configuration, total customer solutions or a full mobile platform. Xtempus technology is based upon open standards such as J2EE, enabling our clients to quickly and easily integrate modules in house.

Xtempus, a UK-based mobile software company, has developed Xtempus OFFICE that allows business people to communicate, make decisions and access up-to-the minute information whilst on the move. Xtempus OFFICE provides email access, database look-up, diary synchronisation, colleague contact details as well as personalised news alerts using the mobile phone. As the service is available over SMS, WAP and the web, companies can rollout the service to their entire workforce without the need to provide new handsets.

Press Contact
Chris Clarke / Netta McGregor
Tel. +44 (0) 207 413 3145 / 5952
[email protected]