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DHL International, Digital Bridges and Genie present compelling user data

LONDON 8 February 2001 The WAP ForumTM today showcased leading WAP applications and services, illustrating the broad range of WAPs successful implementations. At an event in London, DHL International, Digital Bridges and Genie presented the evidence of the successful uptake of their innovative WAP-based applications and services. The market for applications is booming amid an explosion in usage, with over eight million WAP users worldwide accessing Internet-based information anywhere, anytime, more than 10,000 "WAPplications" and about 8 million WAP-accessible pages.

"Widespread WAP acceptance is a reality. These companies provide compelling proof points for the enormous popularity WAP has achieved in a very short time," said Scott Goldman, CEO of the WAP Forum.

Since its launch in October 1999, DHL WAP Track has enabled customers "on the move" to accurately track their shipments through any WAP-enabled network. Available in 21 different languages, WAP Track also provides customers with other essential services such as weight calculations and information on local conditions.

DHL also reports the development costs associated with its WAP Track service were far lower than the same costs for web tracking, and take up of the service has been far quicker. Traffic levels for DHL WAP Track have reached 250,000 within the first 12 months of operation, compared with just 36,000 for the first year of web tracking.

Through its interactive content server, UNITY, Digital Bridges has brought the worlds leading game developers and publishers and the biggest names in traditional entertainment to the wireless market. Working with 12 operators around the world and with over 90,000 regular users, Digital Bridges has already recorded over 23 million WAP hits in less than six months. A total of 11,364 hours of gameplay were recorded in 140,364 individual sessions for the month of December 2000 alone. This represents an increase of almost 100 per cent on the previous months figures, with numbers continuing to grow.

Figures released earlier this month by Genie, one of Europes major mobile Internet players, reinforce the move towards increasingly rapid adoption of WAP applications and services. Genie revealed that, in the UK alone, a total of 88 million WAP page impressions was recorded in January 2001, an increase of more than 40 per cent in one month and 800 per cent since September 2000. Genie has web and WAP portals in seven markets, with a total of more than 2.6 million registrations, and is currently pursuing an international rollout programme. Genie is an integrated and highly personalised wireless information service provider to the mobile generation across the world.

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Notes to editors:
Companies demonstrating a wide range of innovative business and consumer applications at the London event were: Certicom, Digital Bridges, Earthport, Fenestrae, Genie, Materna, Mgage Systems, Motorola, Orsus Solutions, Panasonic / Matsushita Communications Industrial UK Ltd, Peramon Technology, SkyGo, Trintech Group Plc, Wapit Ltd and Xtempus.

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