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room33 introduces advanced suite of mobile Internet applications for GSM, GPRS and UMTS

room33 leads the way with new product launch and global distribution strategy for its market-leading suite of applications and services for mobile Internet

room33, the global mobile software and portal technology provider, has released the latest versions of the mobile applications in the room33 Open Service Platform (OSPr33) package.

OSPr33 is comprised of a suite of mobile applications and a comprehensive wireless portal solution, targeted at network operators, ISPs and other enterprises. It enables organisations to enhance existing services or build and develop an own-brand mobile solution, powered by room33.

The latest release of OSPr33 introduces compelling new user-tested entertainment applications such as mobile games and a new cash payment and credits system. Unique in the room33 solution is My WAP Page - an innovative, traffic-generating application that enables users to easily create their own WAP page, using internal links from the host site, external links, pictures and other personalised content.

Other highlights include enhanced personal information management (PIM) services, an increase in the number of downloadable media like ring tones and icons, interactive mobile directory services and SMS-based marketing services.

In addition to the array of synchronised end-user applications with personalisation features, the room33 Open Service Platform has increased functionality with a flexible information server and more extensive portal management, administration and customisation tools. OSPr33 v1.1 also offers reinforced security measures for hacker protection, built-in spam prevention mechanisms and extended logging for reporting and tracking usage patterns and behaviour. A fully customised version of OSPr33 can be installed at the clients own site or alternatively, hosted by room33.

Our product strategy for the room33 Open Service Platform, includes the ongoing development of key channel relationships with other leading technology companies, said Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO, room33. The aim is to extend our reach to a broader market and enable us to offer expanded systems-integration resources, platform-reselling capabilities and a framework for co-development of new services and applications.

OSPr33 is grounded in open industry standards and is built on a flexible, scalable, high-availability system architecture. It is compatible with current mobile systems as well as future always-on Internet Protocol-based mobile standards, such as GPRS, EDGE and UMTS. The room33 Open Service Platform solution provides a template-based, device-independent application environment, accessible from a variety of wireless devices such as WAP phones, Palm organisers, plus i-mode and j-phone handsets, amongst others.

The market has been asking for a truly device-independent platform offering services designed specifically for mobile situations, said Hampson-Jones. Operators and enterprises are looking for compelling, consumer-proven applications and services and a robust operating framework. OSPr33 meets these requirements with services that are simple to use and fully integrated with each other to improve usability. We provide a fast and effective solution that builds the foundations for m-commerce and increases average revenue per user by delivering high-quality mobile Internet services to customers.

For further information, contact:
Peo Olsson, VP Corporate Communications, room33 AB
t:+46 8 506 508 54 / f: +46 706 34 55 41
e: [email protected]

Lars Wallström, PR Manager, room33 AB
t: +46 08-506 508 53 / f: +46 706-35 55 32
e: [email protected]

room33.com: http://room33.com

About room33
room33 is the market leading mobile software and portal technology company, delivering wireless applications and services to both enterprise and consumers. Closely integrated and accessible from all wireless devices connected to the Internet, the room33 solutions are platform independent and future-proof.

As a business solution, the room33 package offers an advanced suite of products including our Open Service Platform - OSPr33 - a complete portal solution combining technology, content and hosting capabilities to telecommunications operators, ISPs and other enterprises. room33 also offers a Mobile Marketing service  a dedicated mobile marketing resource, providing enterprises with permission-based, one-to-one marketing capabilities deliverable via SMS. The room33 Mobile Directory is the worlds first downloadable, open-model Mobile Directory that harnesses the power of your own users to rapidly build pertinent and up-to-date listings.

As an end-user service the room33 branded consumer portal, room33.com, is a popular destination site. A global service available in 11 languages, room33.com gives users access to an innovative blend of wireless information, entertainment, communication tools, and applications.

Founded in 1998 in Mobile Valley, Stockholm, room33 AB is a member of the WAP Forum, the Mobile Applications Initiative (formerly the GPRS Application Alliance), Bluetooth SIG, W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, and the Wireless Data Forum and is supported by regional offices in London, Madrid and New York.