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Entrust.net Leads the Way as It Launches New Trial WAP Service

Entrust.net Introduces Cutting Edge Service and New Promotion with Nokia Phones

San Diego, CA - Entrust SecureSummit(TM) 2001 January 23, 2001 Entrust Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU), a global leader in solutions that bring trust to e-business, today announced that its Web-services subsidiary Entrust.net Inc., is launching a trial WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) certificate service for WAP developers and service providers building wireless web applications. Entrust.nets WAP certificate service enables trusted and secure electronic commerce and transactions over the wireless Internet.

Available for a trial period of 21 days via the trial certificate site, http://trial.entrust.net Entrust.nets service is designed to provide customers with the capability to accelerate the development and deployment of WAP server-based applications to their business. It will also facilitate more secure delivery of trusted services to these users.

Egg, one of the UKs leading e-commerce financial services companies, which has been implementing Entrusts wireless technology for some time applauds the developments Entrust.net is making, as it strives to provide greater variety of services and convenience to its customers.

Pete Marsden of Egg said: Entrust.nets trial of WAP certificates will allow us to test the confidentiality and security of new wireless applications. As a service provider, we need to ensure the security and confidentiality of our wireless applications for the financial industry. Entrust.nets trial will enable us to test our technology and assure our customers that we always put them first.

Jukka Riivari, Head of Sales and Marketing of Nokia commented: We are delighted to be working with Entrust.net to lead the way in innovative Mobile Internet solutions. The importance of providing secure access is paramount in increasing customer confidence and adoption of Mobile services, like the one provided by Egg. Nokia is very keen to increase both the number of Mobile services available and consumers who use them, and this is an excellent step towards achieving our goal.

Entrust.Net will deliver Nokia phones to the first one hundred subscribers who upgrade from a trial WAP certificate to a live production WAP certificate within sixty days of commencing the original trial (some conditions apply, see http://trial.entrust.net for details).

As wireless applications accelerate and consumers demand secure and trustworthy applications, developers and service providers have been looking to Entrust.net to provide a test facility for trusted wireless applications. Explains Richard Kirk of Entrusts Global Wireless Solutions Group. We are delighted that we are leading the way in delivering these services to such a wide audience of developers and service providers.

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