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World's first GPRS wireless healthcare service for clinicians

Industry leaders unite to deliver online news and information to healthcare professionals via GPRS mobile phones

18 January 2001: With the launch of the worlds first GPRS-enabled mobile healthcare solution, wireless Internet solutions developer Digital Mobility http://www.digimob.com will allow GPs, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to view latest pharmaceutical news and other relevant information on their mobile phones. As part of a new consortium headed by Magic Ant for the development of healthcare applications for wireless data and computing devices, Digital Mobility has developed a secure platform that gives UK healthcare practitioners instant access to news and analysis on pharmaceutical and life-sciences industries.

Exploiting the always connected data capabilities of new GPRS mobile handsets supported by the BT Cellnet network, Digital Mobilitys 100 per cent secure solution allows clinicians to receive constantly-updated information from Reuters news headlines and other information sources, requiring only a GPRS mobile handset and a Casio Pocket PC provided to clinicians as part of a turnkey package to be known as MedicAnt(TM).

Created by Magic Ant, a convergent telecoms services company, MedicAnt is the first in a range of professional solutions and is specifically designed for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals and businesses. MedicAnt has been built by a consortium set up by Magic Ant, and represents the first operational application for new GPRS mobile services that will offer mobile users access to multimedia on the move.

Comprising a ready-to-run bundle of hardware and software requiring no specialist knowledge to set-up and use, the MedicAnt service initially targets the UKs 37,000 GPs plus an estimated 7,000 Clinical Research Associates and 12,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives.

The wireless Internet is a perfect information medium for todays busy general practice owner or healthcare marketing professional who may depend on timely access to constantly updated news and other information, says Marcus Taylor, Vice President of Business Development, Digital Mobility Limited. Handheld mobile devices do away with the hardware cost and complexity of a dedicated PC allowing the consultant to focus on patient care and improved business efficiency.

Point-of-care computing has been promised to medical professionals since the inception of wireless communications, but it has remained a dream because of bandwidth constraints and the complexity of putting together the applications and hardware, states Françoise Murat, MD & Founder, Magic Ant. MedicAnts service is a genuine off-the-shelf solution, made possible by combining the technologies of the consortium companies, and supported by comprehensive customer service. We dont expect doctors and pharmaceutical reps to know how or why this works, well take care of that whilst they can get on with their vital work.

Dr Tony Marshall, Medical Director to Magic Ant, says, Eyes on rather than Ears on I see the technology now emerging being of more use, and used more, than mobile voice communication in the healthcare industry. It deals with three crucial areas vital to healthcare: information flow and handling; communication that leaves a data imprint; and access to networks wherever they might reside. Healthcare will progress more speedily, efficiently and safely with use of this technology.

Peter Richardson, Director of Marketing and Sales at BT Cellnet comments, We are delighted to be working with some of the industrys leading manufacturers and systems developers to create the first of many applications working over BT Cellnets GPRS network. This consortium demonstrates the importance of working together to deliver the right applications via the right device to the right marketplace at the right time.


Members of the Magic Ant MedicAnt consortium include:

Magic Ant Limited A telecommunications and convergent solutions development company, working with international network operators for the last 2 years since the company was founded. Magic Ant has created MedicAnt, and is responsible for the identification of the groups strategy, marketing and positioning in the market. Magic Ant has the resources and experience to roll out MedicAnt across other international markets through mobile network operators. Currently negotiating funding for the development of a unique Universal Data Language which will be used as the basis for a number of applications designed for the telecommunications network operators & service providers.

BT Cellnet

BT Cellnet is the Mobile Internet market leader.
Today BT Cellnet has 10.24 million customers using its voice services
November 1999: BT Cellnet and Barclaycard completed the UKs first internet purchase via a WAP mobile phone running on the BT Cellnet network
January 2000: BT Cellnet and Genie launched the UKs first fully operational commercially available WAP services in January 2000
January 2000: BT Cellnet announced the Infotouch and Mmail data services - the first Mobile Internet services available to all digital customers based on existing Text messaging over 150 million Text messages were sent over the BT Cellnet network in September 2000
January 2000: BT Cellnet announced the start of a 500-person trial of its GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) network, which will eventually deliver information to mobile phones at speeds 3-5 times faster than today
March 2000: BT Cellnet announces the full commercial launch of the UKs first WAP Pay and Go phone on April 3
June 2000: BT Cellnet became the first UK mobile network to launch a commercial GPRS service
July 2000: BT Cellnet announces almost 200k WAP sales making WAP the fastest growing mobile technology of all time
October 2000: BT Cellnet announces 500k WAP sales
November 2000: BT Cellnet leads the UK mobile market, announcing unbeaten international coverage in 121 countries over 276 networks around the globe.
BT Cellnet is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT plc.

Digital Mobility Limited Digital Mobility offers mobile end-users and business-to-business customers a wide range of affordable and secure mobile Internet solutions; enabling them to take full advantage of the business opportunities offered by m-commercewhatever the latest mobile technology.

Digital Mobility hosts and delivers mobile Internet services and applications via the WAPHub(TM), its secure server that supports content hosting, user authentication and session management. Hewlett-Packard distributes Digital Mobilitys end-to-end secure m-commerce solution for banking and other financial services customers.

LINQ Limited - Linq is Europes largest Corporate Portal provider dedicated to developing the most efficient, flexible and mobile portal solution in the market. The LinqPortal will address the needs of Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Authorities and Hospitals. It enables people to work more effectively by enabling easy access to pertinent information across a range of diverse systems, bringing important news to their attention and finding new ways to collaborate with colleagues, partners and clients regardless of time and location. It is an ideal platform for handling projects more effectively and dynamically, making it an ideal platform for Clinical Research Managers, Project Managers Pharmaceutical Representatives and others within the Health and Pharmaceutical sectors

Microsoft Pocket PC OS platform developers and current development of .Net(TM) which moves towards the vision of ubiquitous networks, total convergence and provides the tools and applications necessary to develop comprehensive range of applications for the sector.

Cellstar UK Limited A global supplier of mobile communications hardware, accessories, and fulfilment services. Working with BT Cellnet Lumina, Cellstar will enable the consortium to fulfil the offline needs of our users. Services will include hardware procurement, software loading, re-packaging, after-sales service, customer service 1st line support, and WAP services through http://www.wire3.net .

Casio UK Limited Leading developer of consumer electronics products, Casio is one of only 4 manufacturers currently developing PocketPC hardware tools. The products are user-focused, with a complete range serving the needs of enterprise users. Casios unique Mobile Technology Division has identified the healthcare sector as offering immense opportunity and with a full range of multi-media accessories (e.g. digital camera & barcode scanners) offers a superb basis for co-development of hardware devices, connectors and accessories which fit the specialist needs of our users.

Inchware Limited Developer of mPOC(TM) the handheld drug database, and expert in workflow systems, Inchware is a software development house with a unique understanding of the needs of the healthcare professional and the demands of the mobile users environment. Inchware will assist in the development of handheld applications with a particular focus on use of databases in the point-of-care world.

Reuters Health Information - Reuters Health Information (RHI) is a division of Reuters - the worlds leading global news and business information services company which has a deserved, hard won and renowned reputation for providing and updating: timely; high-quality; accurate; impartial and independent news & information to businesses, services and the general public around the globe. RHI is a focused niche division of Reuters, which employs a team of specialist healthcare journalists to monitor the global healthcare sector, to provide: medical news; business intelligence; healthcare information; and decision support material to people worldwide with an interest in the healthcare sector.

For further information, please contact:

BT Cellnet Press Office 01753 565656

Marcus Taylor
Vice President of Business Development
Digital Mobility Limited
Tel: 0802 352200
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For Digital Mobility Limited:

Richard Tinkler
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