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Digital Mobility’s unique MICode(TM) technology also incorporated in Sendo’s phones

Sendo, the new European mobile phone manufacturer, announced today that it has selected the advanced WAP browser from Digital Mobility for its future mobile phone ranges. Digital Mobility, a mobile Internet products and services company, also confirmed that Sendo will license its unique MICode(TM) technology. MICode(TM) technology allows users to access WAP and mobile Internet services via one code number, thereby eliminating the need for users to manually enter confusing phone settings.

Hugh Brogan, Chief Executive Officer of Sendo, explained the choice for Digital Mobilitys WAP browser by stating that it was the first and only browser that passed all the WAP compliance tests. Digital Mobility is very strict in adhering to the WAP standard. This will help ensure that end-users are not confronted with interoperability problems between WAP browsers and gateways. The high standards set by Digital Mobility fit with Sendos focus on designing reliable, easy-to-use mobile phones.

Digital Mobilitys Chief Operating Officer, Johan Sjöquist, added: We are delighted that a leading company with Sendos vision and calibre has selected a British supplier for its WAP browser. As one of the best-established companies in the wireless Internet sector, Digital Mobility is proud to be a partner with Sendo in bringing the best in mobile technology to the widest possible customer base.

Sendo is the first mobile phone manufacturer to integrate Digital Mobilitys WAP browser into its products. Digital Mobility has already licensed its WAP code to other manufacturers across EPOC and Windows CE platforms and earlier this year Psion chose its WAP stack code for use in Psions acclaimed Revo Plus PDA.

Industry estimates the number of WML pages (capable of being accessed by WAP devices) at more than 5 million. Internet-capable phones already exceed laptops, and will pass the total number of PCs worldwide by 2002 to number more than 500 million Internet enabled phones.

MICode(TM) eliminates the need for users to manually enter confusing phone settings to access WAP and other mobile Internet services, Digital Mobilitys MICode(TM) system permits fast, fuss-free configuration of mobile Internet settings via a single number code that is published by the mobile operator or wireless services provider.

Uniquely quick and simple to use, MICode(TM) allows setting of both dial-up and bookmark parameters, eliminating the need for users to type more than a dozen technical parameters, such as the IP gateway address, the bearer type, the port number and URL. With MICode(TM) the mobile user simply enters one number. This makes MICode(TM) the first truly user-friendly way of entering mobile Internet settings.

For further information, please contact:

For Digital Mobility:

Johan Sjöquist
Chief Operating Officer
Tel: +44 7799 772988
[email protected]

For Sendo:

Marijke van Hooren
Director of Communications
Tel: +44 121 766 5053 or
Mobile 07968 820 701
[email protected]

About Digital Mobility
Digital Mobility offers mobile end-users and business-to-business customers a wide range of affordable and secure mobile Internet solutions; enabling them to take full advantage of the business opportunities offered by m-commercewhatever the latest mobile technology.

Digital Mobility hosts and delivers mobile Internet services and applications via the WAPHub(TM), its secure server that supports content hosting, user authentication and session management. Hewlett-Packard distributes Digital Mobilitys end-to-end secure m-commerce solution for banking and other financial services customers.

About Sendo
Sendo is a new mobile phone company headquartered in Birmingham, UK, with operations in the UK, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and China. The company, founded in August last year, offers high-performance, competitively-priced, reliable products and services to the fast growing cellular market.

The business philosophy of Sendo is straightforward and clear. Mobile communication is the fastest growing consumer market ever. Penetration rates have topped 60% in the most advanced countries with projections over the next five years in excess of 100%. The growth will continue, from a world market of approx. 400 million units in 2000 to more than one billion units in 2004/2005. Put into context, unit sales in 2000 will be 3 times the PC market, 4 times the TV market, 4 times the audio market and 5 times the video recorder (including digital video) market.

Sendo has been established to meet the need of the operators to distinguish themselves The company offers a complete custom program, from exclusively branded phones, matched fulfillment programs and bespoke software with dedicated services.

Sendo has partnered with technology companies in the UK, France, Germany, China and the United States. The company is working on silicon development with the leading industry suppliers. It has a strong in-house development team, which is designing user-friendly features and applications.

The company recently announced its first product, the Sendo D800. The D800 dual band GSM phone is only 68 grams and 69 cc (102x44x19 mm), while at the same time offering many great features, like a unique graphic equalizer for excellent audio and T9 predictive text input and an easy, animated user interface.
Its slim and light Lithium-Ion battery offers an impressive 300 hours standby time, close to 2 weeks, and up to 3 hours of talk time. Built-in the Sendo D800 is furthermore a data/fax modem and an IrDA infrared port for data/fax connection (14.4 kbps) to PCs and popular Palm, Windows CE and Psion Personal Digital Assistants.

Sendo is a member of the WAP Forum and Sendos mobile phones will offer WAP 1.2 in the first half of 2001.

Sendo was founded by mobile industry professionals with over 40 years of combined experience at the leading edge of mobile phone innovation in the leading mobile phone companies. The management team has been gathering talent to create a unique company.