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Ubicco launches the first multi-terminal Mobile Groupware solution

Ubicco http://www.ubicco.com , the Fi SYSTEM group subsidiary dedicated to multi-access solutions, has announced the first Mobile Groupware solution designed for company employees. This packaged solution allows employees on the move to access their corporate IT system from anywhere, via their WAP mobile phone or their PDA.

Designed as a high-performance professional tool, Mobile Groupware is based on traditional functions such as access to shared organisers, corporate directories and message systems (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes). In addition to that, Ubicco has developed unique added-value services within a mobile context, such as mobile desktops, which allow the user to navigate around a whole remote file system, and mobile forums, which are content-publication tools, accessible, in real time and in read and write mode, from any terminal (PC or non-PC). Company team members who are on the move can thus, at any time, access their data from a simple WAP phone or a PDA, or fax or e-mail documents attached to their messages or documents from their Intranet.
An SMS notification option may also be used to alert users about a new appointment or the publication of a document which concerns them.

Ubicco has paid particular attention to the user-friendliness of its services, which is a key aspect for small terminals. This means that the user can move from one service to another without having to re-input the various items of information. The recipient of an e-mail or a fax can be chosen in the space of a couple of clicks thanks to the address book function. The user interface has been optimised, and the time and constraints associated with online consultations have been reduced. As Ubicco COO CÚdric Nicolas points out: Such interactivity has been conceived with a view to by-passing WAPs current limits and as a means of going beyond the technological constraints posed by networks at this point in time. He goes on by emphasising that this solution is operational across all kinds of mobile terminals available on the market, as well as the various operators different WAP gateways.

The packaged solution is immediately operational, following integration procedures limited to on-site installation and parameterisation with the aim of tailoring the solution to the groupware and security architecture used by Ubicco clients.

In the words of Ubicco CEO Christophe Blanchard: Ubiccos Mobile Groupware solution is a bona fide professional tool, perfectly complementary to corporate information systems, bringing together quality services and high-level security, for efficient and productive purposes, generating immediate return on investment. It might be added that a statistical monitoring tool is part of the offer, for real-time information about how the various services are being used, by user or by device.

Further information about Ubicco http://www.ubicco.com

Ubicco is a multi-access solutions provider.
Ubiccos innovative, cutting-edge technology enables corporate clients to distribute their services across multi-access channels (SMS, Wap, i-mode, PDAs, interactive TV, voice).
Ubicco provides professionals with solutions based around its MoViE platform, for the acquisition, transformation and distribution of content, associated with online tools (personalised invoices, usage statistics, authentication).

Ubicco, the Fi SYSTEM Group subsidiary ( http://www.fisystem.com ), is the leading European Wireless ASP. When implementing a multi-access portal, the ASP model is a means of guaranteeing our clients quality service and sound cost management, as well as ensuring that technical developments be taken into account.

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