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Kannel Open Source SMS and WAP gateway version 1.0 released

Kannel becomes part of Debian distribution

The Kannel project released version 1.0 of the worlds first open source SMS and WAP gateway. Kannel version 1.0 is now technically ready and tested for heavy production use. The Kannel gateway is robust and scalable with the capability of successfully handling hundreds of messages per second. Kannel supports the most commonly used SMS center protocols, and is already in production use at Wapit Ltd. and in many parts of the world, both as an SMS gateway and WAP gateway.

As a tested and proven stable open source SMS and WAP gateway, Kannel now also becomes an official part of one of the worlds biggest Linux distributions Debian GNU/Linux. Debian has over 10 million users worldwide and thousands of contributing developers.

Kannel is a necessary part of the wireless networking infrastructure as it connects mobile devices to WAP servers. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is used to provide services on mobile phones by enabling mobile devices to function as simple web browsers. Kannel implements the WAP 1.1 specification used by the current generation of WAP devices, and works on both Unix and Windows platforms. In addition, Kannel works as an SMS gateway, allowing service implementations to a larger segment of mobile customers than just WAP.

The Kannel project has now reached a milestone. Here at Wapit, we are happy to see the open source community around Kannel growing steadily, with the common goal of making Kannel even better, says Jouko Vierumäki, CTO of Wapit Ltd. Because Kannel is free, it takes away the barriers of accessing gateway technology, so that projects of all sizes can develop mobile applications by downloading and deploying Kannel. This opportunity also gives universities an excellent chance to explore mobile technology, without having to spend a lot of money on expensive gateways that are controlled by a handful of big players.

One good example is the Institute of Medical Technology (IMT), an independent research institute of the University of Tampere, Finland, where Kannel is used in BioWap, IMTs biological and biomedical information WAP service. Kannel has proven to be a very good solution for us, because an important factor for research material services is that they are available free of charge, says Professor Mauno Vihinen from University of Tampere.

Kannel 1.0 is now ready and tested and has proven to be a very fast and robust gateway, although its hard to compare with commercial gateways, since their figures are not commonly available, says Lars Wirzenius, the head architect of Kannel. Since the source code of Kannel is freely available, its easy to customize Kannel by adding completely new features to it, in order to produce innovative services.

About the Kannel project. The Kannel project was launched in July 1999 by Wapit Ltd. to produce an Open Source gateway for SMS and WAP use. For further information about Kannel, contact [email protected] or visit http://www.kannel.org , where the program is downloadable for free for everyone.

About Wapit Ltd. Wapit Ltd. is a global leader in building a comprehensive suite of advanced mobile middleware technology and applications. With our modularised, easy-to-use Wapit Product Portfolio, we offer our customers a complete toolbox to build revenue generating mobile solutions tailored to their specific market needs. Our customers are mobile operators, media companies and corporations, and their Wapit mobile solutions range from a set of mobile applications to a stand-alone mobile portal. Wapit is more than WAP. Wapit mobile solutions are designed to be compatible with all leading technology standards, such as SMS, WAP, GSM, i-mode, GPRS and UMTS, and all mark up languages, such as C-HTML, HTML, WML and XML. Wapits mission is to shape the global mobile future by enabling provision of instant, mobile access to the information, communication, entertainment and transaction services that people really use. From our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, we are expanding with offices in Asia, the United Kingdom and the Americas. Visit http://www.wapit.com for further information.

About Debian GNU/Linux. Debian is a free computer operating system (OS). Debian uses the Linux kernel (the core of an operating system), but most of the basic OS tools come from the GNU project hence the name GNU/Linux. Visit http://www.debian.org for further information.

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