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TANTAUís Wireless Internet Platform First to Support 10 Million Users for Secure Mobile Transactions

Performance Test Results Establish TANTAU as Industry Leader in Providing a Mobile Application Platform with Unrivaled Availability, Scalability and Security

Research Detailed in White Paper

AUSTIN, Texas December 19, 2000 TANTAU Software today announced that its mobile commerce (m-commerce) platform successfully completed performance testing confirming its ability to support 10 million users with a sustained load of 100,000 concurrent users executing 10,000 transactions per second. Since other industry platforms have peaked in the thousands of concurrent users, the test results establish TANTAUs Wireless Internet Platform as the most highly scalable m-commerce platform available on the market today. With industry experts forecasting that U.S. wireless Internet users will grow to 36 million by 2003 and the European and Asian markets presenting an even larger penetration opportunity, this test has significant implications for businesses. TANTAU is currently moving into production with 15 major financial institutions representing over 81 million customers the majority of which are expected to utilize wireless devices for financial transactions within the next two years.
"TANTAUs heritage in building large-scale, reliable and secure online transaction processing systems is leveraged in providing robust service levels for the growth of m-commerce applications," said Jerry Silva, senior analyst for TowerGroup, a research, advisory and consulting firm based in Needham, Massachusetts. "Customers using wireless applications expect the same security and convenience that they experience in other automated channels, and TANTAU is well positioned to deliver that level of service."
TANTAUs performance test demonstrated the capacity to support a financial institution with 10 million customers and handle the demands of 100,000 concurrent users based on the testing outlined in the Large-Scale Deployment and Performance Test white paper available at http://www.tantau.com/literature/literature.asp.
Unlike mobile communication content providers, TANTAU supports high-volume m-commerce transactions, including money transfers, balance inquiries and bill payments, deployed across a variety of mobile devices such as phones, pagers and personal digital assistants. Testing proved that TANTAUs technology allows critical components within the application to be replicated and, if necessary, distributed across multiple servers allowing for robustness even if one or more servers fail. Ultimately, the performance test confirmed that TANTAUs Wireless Internet Platform is inherently scalable and offers key features such as load balancing, failure recovery and session management that allow applications to scale across hardware systems as needed.
Smart businesses clearly need scalable and secure m-commerce solutions to attract and retain customers and increase brand loyalty, said John Sims, president and CEO of TANTAU. Our test results anticipate industry growth trends and demonstrate to our customers that we provide a reliable wireless platform that goes beyond content distribution and focuses on transactions with end-to-end security.

About TANTAUs Wireless Internet Platform
TANTAUs Wireless Internet Platform offers specialized and interactive modules that provide enterprises with all the tools necessary to conduct mobile ecommerce transactions. Features such as proactive messaging, content conversion and profile management gives companies the ability to send, transform and personalize content to end-users via a variety of mobile devices such as cellular phones, pagers and personal digital assistants, including Palm products. The ability to control the content delivered to its customers wireless devices allows businesses to build and maintain strong customer relationships. In addition, TANTAUs technology features multiple protocol support (Wireless Application Protocol 1.1/1.2/1.3, Short Message Service, HTTP) as well as gateways for integration with back-end applications and data sources. It also addresses the most critical requirements for high-volume Internet transactions: scalability, availability, transaction integrity and security.

TANTAU Software Inc. is a global provider of software and professional services that enable enterprises to conduct high-volume, secure, mobile ecommerce transactions while maintaining direct access to their customer. TANTAUs blue-chip customer base includes major financial institutions and stock exchanges around the world including The Chase Manhattan Bank, Credit Suisse, SEBanken and MeritaNordbanken. Strategic alliances include Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, NEON Systems, BEA Systems and Baltimore Technologies. TANTAU is a member of the WAP Forum and Radicchio, the global industry consortium that promotes security for wireless ecommerce. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, TANTAU is a global company with development and sales offices around the world, including Australia, Finland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. More information can be found on TANTAUs Web site at www.tantau.com.

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