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The world's favourite card game is back

London, England & Dunfermline, Scotland December 2000. The Barosuar, which lived 156 million years ago, was 26 metres tall and weighed over 40,000kg. The Gigantosaur was 4 metres taller and longer than a Tyrannosaurus Rex and could run for much longer distances (i.e. Jeff Goldblum would be DEAD!). The McLaren F1 can go from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, achieving a staggering 240mph, while the equally sleek Jaguar XK8 4.0 coupe manages only 150mph and reaches 60mph in almost 7 seconds.

If you knew some or all of these facts, then chances are youve been playing Top Trumps, the original card collecting game, and one of the most popular playground activities ever created alongside smoking and stealing dinner money.

Now, Digital Bridges Ltd. the worlds foremost supplier of entertainment for the wireless Internet and Winning Moves, publisher of the finest games, have teamed up to bring Top Trumps to your WAP enabled phone. Launching with three of the most popular decks ever Sports Cars, Dinosaurs and European Footballers, the simple pleasure of humiliating your friends and taking all their cards comes to your mobile phone.

Like all the very best games, Top Trumps is very simple. Each card has a picture of its subject, along with a wide range of statistics height, weight, top speed, acceleration, even International appearances (for European footballers not dinosaurs). Players pick one statistic, the player with the highest card wins and keeps the card. The winner is the first player to collect all of the cards in the deck.

Collectable, Competitive and Compulsive, Top Trumps for your mobile phone is designed for fast and enjoyable single and multi-player fun. The number of cards in each deck can be chosen, from a simple 5-card game to a full 30-card deck.

Top Trumps is a unique game because it has such an amazingly wide appeal. Said Kevin Bradshaw, founder and CEO of Digital Bridges. No matter what your interests are, chances are there is a deck of Top Trumps cards which will cater for you. Digital Bridges Wirelessgames division is interested in creating unique and cutting edge titles specifically for the wireless Internet. Top Trumps is an ideal game for this new medium, since its fast, self-contained and almost infinitely customisable.
Tom Liddell, MD of Winning Moves said We are pleased to be working with Digital Bridges to bring Top Trumps into the 21st century. It has already proven to be a classic game with generations of children, not to mention their older brothers and sisters (and their parents). Now, by bringing Top Trumps to the wireless Internet, were bringing the game to a whole new audience.

Top Trumps has been created for Digital Bridges UNITY platform. UNITY generates and delivers interactive entertainment content. It is capable of supporting many thousands of simultaneous users in multi-user, multi-language online sessions, with each user receiving content automatically optimised for their chosen device. Whilst currently in use to deliver services to the first generation of WAP-based mobile handsets, UNITY will support all future device and network technologies, including GPRS, UMTS, all future extensions of the WAP protocols, Java and all client device operating systems such as Symbian, PalmOS and PocketPC.

Digital Bridges is a company with a mission. Created in 1998, its goal is to be the world leader in the creation and delivery of entertainment services for mobile devices on the wireless Internet. The company brings three major assets to the new medium of wireless communications: delivery technology, distribution and publishing capabilities and content design experience. Digital Bridges potential and vision was recognised recently when the company won the Start Up Of The Year award at the first National Business Awards Of Scotland ceremony. Since its launch in the second quarter of 2000, Wirelessgames has been a runaway success. The channel is currently carried live on eleven mobile operators around the world, with more than double that number expected to come on-line by the end of 2000. The company recently announced that Wirelessgames.com has broken the 200,000 games played barrier, with over 4,000 users playing Wirelessgames every day and almost 10,000,000 hits on the Wirelessgames.com site.

Winning Moves was founded in 1997 and publishes a number of the most popular games in the world today, through its UK offices and through sister companies in the USA, France and Germany. Winning Moves has released such classic games as Pass the Pigs, Whot and Lexicon as well as being responsible for the city and regional editions of the world famous game of Monopoly. The city and regional Monopoly titles have been the most successful family board games released at their price point in regions covered thus far.

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