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Mgage Systems shows GPRS mobile messaging applications live in GPRS network

Mgage Systems demonstrates mobile messaging WAP applications in Cingular Wireless live GPRS network, complete with an Ericsson R520 GPRS phone. The Mobile Chat and Mobile e-Cards applications demonstrated at the Fall Comdex 2000 in the Ericsson Developers Pavilion (Room LN 112), Las Vegas are fully working GPRS mobile messaging applications shown in a live end-to-end GPRS network.

Now that the system and infrastructure are completely ready as well as the terminals being in place, things are taken one step further with Mgage Systems GPRS enhanced mobile messaging applications. Mgage Systems previous agreement with Mobyson, a new mobile operator that focuses on the youth segment, proves that Mgage Systems state-of-the-art applications are ready for a demanding market. Moreover, Mgage Systems recently supported Ericsson in providing the Mobile Chat and Mobile e-Cards applications for the global launch of the T20 youth WAP phone.

We can now offer true mobile messaging applications to mobile Internet service providers that wish to provide their customers with the new high value services that GPRS technology enables, says Styrbjörn Horn, CEO of Mgage Systems. The company is working closely with mobile Internet service providers, content providers and device vendors and is committed to making the best applications to satisfy the needs of all three interdependent players: MISPs, device vendors and end users. The market will explode due to the characteristics of GPRS. Always on and the capability to charge per service instead of airtime will become extremely valuable for the area of mobile Internet in allowing us to further refine and develop our applications, added Mr Horn.

Mgage Systems applications are built on an open standardsbased application architecture that will enable mobile Internet service providers to quickly expand their mobile Internet offerings. Mgage Systems is launching its mobile Internet applications, initially in the European market.

GPRS is specifically designed for data communications. The system will enable operators to offer mobile Internet applications at speeds three to five times as fast as current mobile networks. The introduction of WAP over GPRS is a vital step towards the true mobile Internet. GPRS paves the way to completely new applications in a mobile environment. Mgage Systems demonstration now takes the GPRS technology a step further to show how these services can benefit users and add true value.

Mobile Chat is a real time chat service that can be used from WAP phones as well as over the Web. Simply log on to a WAP chat-room and start chatting with people from all over the world. The Mobile e-Cards service enables users to send electronic cards WAP-to-WAP or WAP-to-email. Both are unique applications and add true value to consumers. No matter what brand of phone or PC, everyone can join as long as they have WAP or web access.

Mgage Systems AB is a product company that provides mobile Internet service providers (MISPs) with innovative applications focusing on mobile Internet messaging, blended with entertainment and personal information. Mgage Systems combines, develops and exploits the latest technology in mobile infrastructure and devices to create innovative cutting-edge applications. This is done through open architecture built on de-facto Internet standards.
For more information: http://www.mgage.com


Styrbjörn Horn, CEO
Phone: +46 70 26 11 000;
E-mail: [email protected]

Ben Manell, Vice President
Phone: +46 70 26 11 003;
E-mail: [email protected]