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Lava2140 Offers Wireless Instant Messaging

Will Allow Real-Time Interaction via a Wireless Device

Los Angeles, California November 14, 2000 Lava2140, LLC, a wireless solutions provider that makes remote access to information a reality, today announced the availability of an instant messaging application for their wireless software solution. With the addition of instant messaging, Lava2140 can provide carriers and enterprises with a comprehensive and cost-effective wireless solution that evolves with market and technology changes. The application allows users to send instant messages between a wireless device and a PC, or between two wireless devices. The current instant messaging solution is for SMS over a variety of platforms. A WAP solution is in development.

Unlike other wireless instant messaging solutions currently on the market, Lava2140s application is integrated into their wireless product suite for 2-way SMS, WAP, M-Commerce, ERP, and targeted content applications. This makes it easy for carriers and enterprises to wirelessly enable their networks without the integration and support headaches associated with multiple vendors and technologies.

The U.S. market is moving toward integrated wireless communications. Some carriers in the U.S. market recently began offering instant messaging over wireless devices, while in Europe and Asia, instant messaging has been a very popular wireless application. We believe that carriers and enterprises are looking for opportunities to broaden their wireless offerings, commented Robert Treasure, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Lava2140. With Lava2140s wireless solution, they can increase current subscriber revenue, attract new customers, and equip mobile professionals with access to important information.
About Lava2140
Lava2140, LLC, founded in 1998, develops wireless data solutions that allow carriers, enterprises, and web-based ventures to deliver 2-way data applications, enterprise-based information, and personalized Internet services to any mobile communications device worldwide. Lava2140 offers a secure solution that helps carriers and content providers increase their average revenues per unit and subscriber. Lava2140s product mix consists of applications for two-way data delivery, e-mail, instant messaging, private label wireless banking, portal, secure m-commerce applications, Customer Retention Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Lavas software is based on an extensible and flexible architecture, resulting in solutions that are not limited to specific devices and platforms. In deployments on GSM and TDMA networks, Lavas solutions have proven reliable, cost-effective, and easy to implement.