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Coyote Point Adds UDP Support to Equalizer 5.0

Santa Clara, CA-Coyote Point Systems, Inc., the price/performance leader in Internet traffic management technology, announces a UDP-enabled upgrade of Equalizer, the companys flagship load balancing appliance. Coyote Point will be exhibiting at ISPCON in San Jose Nov. 8-10, Booth 3602.

Equalizer 5.0, which ships Nov. 15, will provide failover and high availability for WAP devices and network-attached storage devices. Coyote Point is partnering with wireless hardware and software vendor Infinite Technologies to develop a complete WAP server clustering solution, and with serverless storage software vendor CrosStor to develop advanced high availability functions for network-attached storage devices.

Equalizer 5.0 will also feature a revamped user interface, enhancing the ease of use of Coyote Points industry-leading reporting features included in the base price of every Equalizer-a browser-based, real-time display of server and cluster performance. In December, Coyote Point will offer a gigabit interface option on a new high-end model, Equalizer 550, enabling bandwidth at up to 1,000,000 megabits.

High Availability for WAP Sites

Allan Carter, Vice President of Marketing for Infinite Technologies, said, "The demand for more advanced high availability and high performance products such as Equalizer 5.0 indicates just how serious customers are about building reliable WAP infrastructure. This is further evidence that WAP adoption is expanding. We look forward to working with Coyote Point to meet our customers needs for effective WAP traffic management."

Pioneering UDP Load Balancing

"In the past three years, load balancing has been a major factor in Web companies ability to set new performance standards even as Web traffic increased geometrically," said Bill Kish, Coyote Points CTO. "As a company that helped pioneer load balancing technology, Coyote Point is proud to be at the forefront of the drive to develop equally high performance standards on the emerging wireless Web. In the next five years, as tens of millions of people are introduced to the Web through wireless devices, Coyote Point will again be blazing the high availability trail."
Serverless Storage Devices

Coyote Point is collaborating with CrosStor on a high-availability version of CrosStors serverless storage appliance software, CrosStor NAS. CrosStor NAS consolidates and simplifies network storage by moving complex storage operations off the server. Jeff Helthall, VP of Sales and Marketing at CrosStor, explained, "With enterprise storage requirements doubling yearly, NAS appliances must support high availability, scalability and a greater level of reliability for mission-critical business enterprises, regardless of size. We are pleased to be working with Coyote Point as we advance our high-availability solutions."


Equalizer 250, available for $3,995, balances up to 64 virtual clusters of eight servers each, handles up to 64,000 simultaneous active connections and is targeted at sites with T1 bandwidth. Equalizer 350, priced at $5,995, balances an unlimited number of 16-server virtual clusters, handles up to 2 million simultaneous active connections and is targeted at sites with T3 bandwidth. Equalizer 450, priced at $9,995, balances an unlimited number of 64-server clusters at up to 100 Mb/s and handles up to 4 million simultaneous active connections. . Equalizer 550, enabling bandwidth at up to 1,000,000 megabits, will be priced at $14,995.

Envoy distributed load balancing software is $2,995 per site.

About Coyote Point Systems, Inc.

Coyote Point Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of server management devices for enabling scalable, highly available server clusters.

Recognized for intuitive configuration and low maintenance, price/performance and superior trending analysis, Coyote Points Equalizer ensures fast connections and fail?safe 24x7 access to web sites and other critical Internet and intranet applications. Coyote Point solutions support all Internet protocols and accommodate all operating systems.
Coyote Point is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA and has distributors in
Austria (Client-Server), Denmark (Liga), Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and
Tanzania. The company can be contacted directly at 1-650-969-6000 or on the
web at http://www.coyotepoint.com

About CrosStor

CrosStor provides the intelligence behind serverless storage. CrosStors OEM software helps hardware manufacturers build products-including NAS and intelligent SAN devices-to meet the increasing demand for mission-critical, high-performance storage appliances that are independent of enterprise servers. With enterprise storage requirements doubling yearly, OEMs use CrosStors modular, storage-centric operating system to rapidly create customized, high-availability storage solutions and speed time to market. CrosStor was founded in 1990 by former Bell Labs engineers and is privately held. The company is headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ and can be contacted at 908-226-0100 or by visiting its Web site at http://www.crosstor.com. CrosStor NAS and CrosStor SAN are trademarks of CrosStor Software, Inc.

About Infinite Technologies

Since 1991, Infinite Technologies, Inc., based in Owings Mills, MD, has
worked to enrich basic network communication by offering a variety of
enterprise messaging solutions. Infinite is aggressively expanding its
presence in the WAP market. Infinite InterChange is the most powerful e-mail
solution available for WAP compatible mobile phones and devices. Infinite
InterChange extends the reach of both corporate e-mail systems and ISP
e-mail systems to these mobile devices. Additional information is available
at www.InfiniteMail.com/wap