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08 November 2000: In a European first, independent mobile internet services company Digital Mobility Limited (www.digimob.com) has today announced the trial with Girobank of a new service that allows mobile users to pay utility and other bills via Digital Mobilitys InHand Mobile Portal (www.inhand.net).

Running initially for a 2 month period with selected Girobank employees, the new service accessed via Digital Mobilitys InHand portal allows mobile subscribers to pay their utility and local authority bills on-line, 24 hours a day, whatever mobile network they are connected to. The trial is designed to ensure that the customer interaction is easy to use & secure. In addition to making secure bill payments, users will also be able to enjoy news, travel, weather and other mobile information services provided by InHand on their WAP phones.

During registration, customers phones are configured over the air by Digital Mobility, making bill payments a simple scroll and click process.

After entering a username and password to guard against misuse, users simply scroll to select from their personalised list of bill issuers and confirm an amount to be paid or view a log of recent transactions. Users only need to enter their utility details when setting up the service initially.

Sessions are managed via Digital Mobilitys WAPHub that supports end-to-end secure communications between customer and bank hitherto one of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of WAP as a trusted channel for m-commerce.

Through its InHand Mobile Portal, Digital Mobility is confident in its ability to create a secure and compelling m-commerce solution to enable UK debit card holders to pay a range of bills via WAP-enabled phones and PDAs.

Theres no doubt that on-line banking will be one of the killer applications for the mobile Internet, states Digital Mobility Chief Operating Officer Johan Sj÷quist. Girobank has already pioneered on-line payments with its hugely successful BillPay online service, and is now able in partnership with Digital Mobility to
extend its offering to mobile users everywhere making any time, any place management of your finances a reality.

Even more importantly this trial demonstrates that m-banking isnt just the preserve of a high-net worth minority, adds Sj÷quist. Paying bills is something we all have to do and the mobile Internet represents the most convenient way yet for busy people to stay on top of one of everybodys least favourite jobs.

Gareth Williams, Senior Marketing Manager at Girobank, adds: Girobank has always been at the cutting edge of bill payments as BillPay demonstrates. We are delighted to be working with Digital Mobility in piloting a WAP version of BillPay which we hope will provide consumers with another easy to use, secure and time-saving way to pay their household bills.

UK-based Girobank has already pioneered on-line bill payment through its successful BillPay website (www.billpayment.co.uk), where any debit card holder in the UK can settle bills and check payment history. Operational for seven months, the web bill payment service offers payment facilities for 26 bill issuers, covering 43 different bills. Issuers include:

Kingston Communications; Bristol Water; Dwr Cymru Welsh Water; Northumbrian Water; Essex & Suffolk Water; Sutton & East Surrey Water; South West Water; Wessex Water Services; Dudley MBC; Mid Devon District Council; Leeds City Council; Powergen plc; Eastern Energy; Yorkshire Electricity Group; Prudential Life & Pensions; Wherry Housing Association; Family Housing Association (London); Reading Transport; London Borough of Islington; Mansfield District Council.

For further information, please contact:

Johan Sj÷quist
Chief Operating Officer, Digital Mobility Ltd
Tel: +44 7799 772988
[email protected]


Alex Bellinger
Press Manager, Girobank
+ 44 7396 6464
[email protected]

Notes to Editors:
1. Girobank have total assets in excess of $27.5 billion.
2. The online BillPay service can be accessed at www.billpayment.co.uk
3. Digital Mobility Limited is a provider of high quality turnkey mobile Internet solutions for mobile end-users and business-to-business customers.
4. nHand (www.inhand.net) is Digital Mobility offers a complete range of secure mobile Internet services including content adaptation, application hosting and customer relationship management.
5. Digital Mobilitys mobile portal of personalised business, travel, information, financial and m-commerce services. InHand is available to WAP phone users in Sweden, Israel and Guernsey, with further service launches imminent in the UK and worldwide.
6. Digital Mobility hosts and delivers mobile Internet services and applications via the WAPHub, its secure server that supports content hosting, user authentication and session management.
7. Hewlett-Packard distributes Digital Mobilitys end-to-end secure m-commerce solution for banking and other financial services customers. Digital Mobility is also a member of Hewlett-Packards E-Bazaar, a global marketplace bringing together providers and customers of mobile commerce products and services.
8. Psion has recently licensed Digital Mobilitys WAP browser for use in the companys Revo Plus PDA (personal digital assistant).
9. Digital Mobility Limited was established in 1998 with investment from Swedish Venture Capital fund Ledstiernan. The company operates from headquarters in London with additional offices in Sweden. Digital Mobility InHand AB is the wholly owned Swedish subsidiary of Digital Mobility Limited.
10. Digital Mobility is a member of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum (www.wapforum.org). It is also a member of European standards body ETSI (www.etsi.fr)