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Nokia releases the Nokia Activ Software Suite for mobile business

Add-on software options, including the first WAP Push, will enhance functionality and ensure end-to-end security

Helsinki, Finland, November 1, 2000 - Nokia today announced a new family of software products for mobile business. The Nokia Activ Software Suite includes new generation Nokia WAP Servers and state-of-the art software options which allow businesses to tailor their offerings to best meet the needs of their customers.

The Nokia Activ Software Suite enables companies of all sizes to compete effectively in a global marketplace that is quickly converging into distinct mobile e-commerce and mobile productivity opportunities. The features of the suite, such as the worlds first WAP Push engine, help corporations to offer new, innovative and personalized services to mobile users. The security option provides trusted transactions via traffic encryption together with user and server authentication.

Furthermore, the Nokia Activ Software Suite scales to meet the requirements of world-class service providers supporting up to ten million subscribers across all main cellular data networks including GPRS, GSM CSD, CDMA,
TDMA and CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data).

"The development of the new Nokia Activ Software Suite is a natural step for us to expand our range of software in this fast-moving environment. Our growing portfolio of software products will enable companies to operate more efficiently and to enter the mobile arena with secure, scalable services that ensure rapid payback", comments Pertti Lounamaa, Vice President at Nokia Internet Communications.

The Nokia Activ Software Suite contains new WAP server software products, targeted at different customers. The Nokia Activ Server 2.0 Enterprise Edition is intended for larger scale business use, operating on multiple servers with load balancing and fail-over support. The Nokia Activ Server 2.0 Professional Edition runs on a single server and is suitable for standard business use and development environments. Both servers will be available on Windows NT, HP-UX and Solaris environments.

In addition, Nokia offers customers the option to use the Nokia Activ Integration Server which provides software clustering with unique bus technology, for deployments where scalability needs to go up to tens of millions of users.

The new servers are build upon the solid technology of the Nokia WAP Server, which has been an overwhelming success with nearly 100,000 downloads since its launch in November 1999. The largest single customer segment is in mobile banking where the Nokia WAP Server is used to manage accounts, assets and stock transactions in a highly secure environment.

The Nokia Activ Software Suite also introduces the following range of optional software:

Nokia Activ Alert: the WAP Push engine allows developers to introduce innovative methods of personalizing applications and services in order to attract the users attention and encourage response. Users can specify the type of information they would like to receive to their mobile devices and respond as they choose.

Nokia Activ ID: enables the creation of personalized WAP services based on the telephone number recognition (MSISDN). By recognizing the incoming call number, corporates or service providers will automatically be able to direct the users to their personalized WAP services.

Nokia Activ Office: provides access to the most widely used corporate office applications, email and calendar. For example, employees can receive vCal or SMS calendar notifications from the Nokia Activ Office to their Nokia phone, which enables them to keep their phone calendar up-to-date, while on the move. Nokia Activ Office is only available on the Windows NT platform.

Nokia Activ Security: a world-class option that provides WAP security via 56 and 128 bit traffic encryption and server authentication, with back-end security using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). New enhancements include the support for strong user authentication with RSA SecurIDŽ tokens.


The Nokia Activ Server Professional Edition is available now in Windows NT.
The Nokia Activ Server Enterprise Edition will be available in the first quarter of 2001.
The Nokia Activ Integration Server is available now for pilot customers.
Nokia Activ Alert will be available as a beta version this November and fully available in the first quarter of 2001.


The pricing models include:

Nokias unique AlwaysOn pricing model especially tailored to cater for peaks in user traffic. The AlwaysOn model is based on an average user over time, which makes the Nokia Activ Server extremely cost-effective in volume transaction environments for both mobile commerce and mobile productivity deployments;
Traditional licencing models, based on concurrent users, which have now been reviewed to reflect changing customer need within this rapidly expanding market.

About the Nokia Activ Server

The Nokia Activ Server allows mission critical Internet-based information to be available on mobile devices. It connects WAP enabled mobile handsets to content and services hosted by Web servers or any other Intranet or Internet server securely and cost-effectively. The Nokia Activ Server converts HTML to WML automatically, adapts WAP content to match the characteristics of the end-user terminals, and provides powerful facilities to integrate or develop customized content filters. Automatic terminal adaptation relieves application developers from tailoring content for different devices separately.

The Nokia Activ Server is used, resold, or co-marketed by software industry leaders such as BEA Systems, Brokat, Informix, Lotus Development, SAP, Siebel, SAS Institute and Tibco. The Nokia Activ Servers global distribution partners include HP, IBM and Compaq, and it is represented in most territories by regional distribution channel. More information at http://www.nokia.com/corporate/wap

About Nokia

Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications. Backed by its experience, innovation, user-friendliness and secure solutions, the company has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and a leading supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks. By adding mobility to the Internet Nokia creates new opportunities for companies and further enriches the daily lives of people. Nokia is one of the most broadly held companies in the world with listings on six major exchanges.

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