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Melody is launching everyman’s WAP – Mobile Internet through SMS

Melody Interactive Solutions is launching a completely new way of accessing the Mobile Internet through any kind of mobile phone. The new product Wireless Access Gateway (WAG-SMS) gives all mobile phones with SMS functionality access to most WAP-based services. By adding SMS accessibility to WAP services, the end-user market adoption of WAP will increase substantially.

95 percent of todays mobile phones in the hand of the end-user can´t handle WAP services. With Melody Interactive Solutions everymans WAP WAG-SMS, every phone with SMS functionality will be able to reach these services.

- The WAG-SMS service is the perfect tool for everyone that today is curious of WAP services and their possibilities, but doesnt have access to a WAP phone. The consumer patterns of tomorrow are now being created and our mission with the everymans WAP is to give operators an advantage today. A headstart that they could yet further capitalize on once WAP over GPRS becomes a reality, says Ulf Änggård, CEO & President of Melody Interactive Solutions.

With the Melody WAG-SMS, a service provider has the potential of reaching all mobile users compared to todays WAP user base. This is a significant advantage for the operator to broaden the Mobile Internet subscriber base. This does not only increase the SMS revenues of the operator but also introduces the Mobile Internet lifestyle to the users of the operators services at a much earlier stage.
- There are a lot of benefits for the mobile user. The WAG-SMS makes it easy to start using WAP services - it requires no changes of SIM card or mobile phone. It is interactive, you can both send and receive messages in order to control and steer services of your preferred choice, says Ulf Änggård.

WAG-SMS in short: The WAG-SMS translates regular Wireless Markup Language (WML) content into text format, transmitting it as SMS messages. The hyperlinks translate into bookmarks that are accessible as plain text from the phone.

For further information, please contact:
Fadi Pharaon, VP Sales, Marketing & Business development, Phone: +46 8 454 96 74,
mobile: +46 708 54 72 74
Ulf Änggård, CEO & President, Phone: +46 8 454 96 28, mobile: +46 708 54 72 28

Melody Interactive Solutions is a Mobile Internet software company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Melody is committed to create Mobile Internet solutions facilitating communication between people and their networked devices. Melody is offering products targeted towards content and service providers as well as enterprises. The company was founded in August 1998. Among the investors are Telenor Ventures A/S, Capital Group, IT Provider and StartupFactory. Melody is a member of WAP Forum, Mobile Applications Initiative and is an associate member of the Bluetooth SIG. For further information and press releases on Melody Interactive Solutions, please visit http://www.melody.se/