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Network365 Introduces mZone™ Mobile Commerce Server Enhanced for Japanese Networks

Tokyo, Japan - 17 October 2000: Network365 today announced the Japanese launch of mZone Mobile Commerce Server. The worlds first transaction system to work on multiple networks and protocols (WAP, I-mode, EZweb, J-SKYweb and more) will be demonstrated at World PC Expo 2000 in Tokyo. Already deployed in several countries, mZone Mobile Commerce Server is the worlds first purpose-built solution for shopping, ticketing, brokering and information services. A unique Profile Engine identifies device and protocol (WAP, i-mode, SMS, EZweb, J-SkyWeb, etc.) and responds with optimal content. A Wallet eliminates the need to enter addresses and payment details - truly secure and easy mCommerce.
Japan is a highly advanced market for mobile commerce, with a wealth of sophisticated services being offered to a technologically sophisticated public, says Raomal Perera, CEO of Network365. The challenge for operators and merchants alike is to provide their content and commercial offerings simultaneously over many diverse channels.
The rapid deployment of many new channels has brought challenges to organisations wishing to get on the fast track with Mobile Commerce. With the technology currently in use, an enterprise needs to produce different sets of content Web, i-mode, EZweb, J-SkyWeb all use different mark-up languages. It is difficult and expensive to keep all these synchronised.
mZones unique Profile Engine holds the solution to this problem, says Perera. By sensing the type of device in use, the product supplies the enriched content that works for that device. What this means for both operators and enterprises engaging in Mobile Commerce is that a single set of data can be used to reach out to millions of customers using different devices, over multiple networks.
Secure Commerce on the Move
Another unique feature of mZone is the provision of a Mobile Wallet service, by which customers can set up their payment details and delivery addresses on a secure server run by a network operator or a large enterprise engaging in Mobile Commerce. When they make their purchases, they dont need to supply payment details or delivery addresses with the phone: they simply click on the options they want.
Ease of use and concerns about security have been impeding factors for the growth of Mobile Commerce, explains Perera. By overcoming these, the mZone solution looks set to be a key player in the growth of this exciting medium.
About Network365
Network365 is a leading provider of mobile commerce solutions for network operators, service providers and enterprises. Headquartered in Ireland, Network365 provides customers in Europe, the US, and Asia Pacific with the opportunity to bring mobile commerce services quickly to the market. Founded in 1999, Network365 led the way in enabling the wireless marketplace with the worlds first WAP-based transaction server, and continues to lead with products that address the hottest developments in mobile technology. These systems have access modules which enable support for SMS, WAP, i-mode, EZweb, J-SkyWeb, Internet and emerging digital media.
Mobile network providers, mobile portal operators and large retailers rely on Network365 to provide the systems and architecture for the wireless marketplace in a new highly mobile commercial world. Network365s ongoing expansion plans include the opening of a network of sales and support offices in cities across Europe, Japan and the US.
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