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ERP Applications Extended to Mobile Devices for First Time

Thursday, 12th October 2000: UK-based mobile Internet specialist, Peramon, has launched the worlds most comprehensive set of mobile Internet applications and infrastructure available. The software suite, called theMOBILIZER, is intended to accelerate the adoption of mobile Internet computing with corporates and consumers.

David Townsend, Peramons managing director said: theMOBILIZER is a significant step forward for both corporates and consumers and will accelerate the usefulness of mobile devices beyond voice. theMOBILIZER offers a comprehensive and complete end-to-end mobile Internet solution for corporates and service providers. We believe that no company in the world can currently offer such breadth of technology.

Mobile Internet World Firsts
Included in theMOBILIZERs nine applications and five infrastructure components are a number of world firsts including the fact that each of the applications is available in thirteen different languages! One of the most significant for corporates is the ability to link their BackOffice applications such as CRM and ERP systems to users mobile devices for the first time ever. By extending the enterprise to the mobile device, corporate users will now be able to access up-to-the-minute corporate data wherever they are.

Another breakthrough feature is the WAP personalisation & search facility which allows corporate users to personalise their homedecks and change their mobile device settings quickly and simply. A user travelling across Europe, for example, will now be able to change his or her phone settings to search and bookmark local sites to access information such as travel and weather reports etc as he or she moves from one country to the next.

To take advantage of the multitude of devices set to raid the corporate environment, Peramon has developed a unique adaptive access technology. This intelligently delivers the best-fit user interface for the different types of mobile Internet devices (WML and HTML) thereby optimising the information display for each devices features.

Universal Access
John Kell, director of R&D said: Not only have all 14 of theMOBILIZERs components been designed to work with any mobile device, because they are built on open standards, they are capable of being deployed as standalone technology and so can work with any mobile Internet system. This is something the mobile Internet community has been very poor at delivering, resulting in considerable scepticism of the use of WAP technology within corporates.

Unlike any other WAP technology, each of theMOBILIZER components run on all the major technology platforms including NT, Solaris, HP Unix and Linux.

Innovative Features of theMOBILIZER
As well as the technology breakthroughs, theMOBILIZER boasts a number of state-of-the-art features aimed at increasing corporate and personal productivity:

1. Over The Air (OTA) Configuration
* Allows IT Managers to change employee settings remotely, e.g. update URLs or repair corrupt phone settings all by just sending an SMS message to the phone
* OTA can overcome WAP lock-ins set by mobile phone operators
2. WAP Calendar
* Enables users to access group calendars so, for example, if a user books an appointment in someone elses diary, he or she can respond to the email alert directly from the mobile device
* Currently supports Microsoft Outlook and Suns iPlanet Lotus Notes to follow
3. Newsgroups (Forums: one to many)
* Allows users to access Internet newsgroups and corporate forums

Multiple Language Support
The User Interface (UI) for the nine applications will be available in 12 local languages in addition to English. These are French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic. As a result, theMOBILIZER will provide multi-national corporates with a comprehensive set of mobile Internet applications across Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

A Breakdown of theMOBILIZER
Application components:
* WAP email Connector
* WAP directory and PAB Connector
* WAP Calendar Connector
* WAP Internet Newsgroup Connector
* WAP Chat Connector*
* WAP Data and Application Connector*
* WAP Site Search Server
* WAP Personalization Tool*
* WAP Global Search Server*

All components are available for shipment and as evaluation downloads from Peramons website immediately unless marked above.
* components available in October

About Peramon
Peramon is a world-leading developer of mobile Internet software, based on
open standards. Founded in 1999, Peramon provides access to information and applications, simply and quickly from anywhere and from any device.

In its short history, Peramon already boasts a number of world firsts including the development of the first fully functional plug & play WAP e-mail connector solution in nine languages as well as a device independent WAP Gateway.

Peramon is a partner of Motorola, Nokia, Sun and HP as well as a Phone.com Alliance Member. Customers include some of Europes largest ISPs. For further information, visit www.peramon.com.