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Ztango Extends Wireless Solutions with Roamer Care Service

Intelligent message delivery to roamers increases carrier revenue source

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Montreux, Switzerland. October 10, 2000 Ztango, Inc., a Wireless Application Service Provider (W-ASP) providing wireless application solutions to wireless carriers, e-companies, and corporations, today announced the launch of the Ztango Roamer Care Service, an innovative package allowing carriers to drive revenue from inbound and outbound roamers.

By enabling carriers to immediately provide information to mobile phone users either entering or exiting their networks, Roamer Care Service provides carriers with the opportunity to increase network usage today as well as a springboard for launching new location-based applications. Ztango has over five years experience delivering innovative wireless application solutions, particularly in the areas of SMS and WAP.

Ztangos Roamer Care Service offers carriers the flexibility to adapt messaging to meet specific customer needs for targeted information push, based on finely tuned subscriber usage behavior patterns, said Tuomo Rutanen, Ztangos vice president of Marketing, speaking at the 44th GSM Association meeting, taking place this week in Montreux, Switzerland. This service allows network operators to market to margin-rich roaming service users, promoting increased network brand recognition at a time when the roaming subscriber is finding it harder to differentiate among the many carrier brands they may encounter, said Mr. Rutanen.

With Ztangos Roamer Care Service, carriers can keep inbound roamers informed with up-to-date information specific to their home profile, driving network usage. For example, customers can be provided with calling rates while they are off network or the latest exchange rates for their home currency in the country visited. Callers can also receive timely instructions on calling their home country on their roaming device. By providing roamers with such information services, carriers increase the likelihood that roaming customers will be loyal to using their network for the duration of the customers stay within the carriers network coverage zone.

Ztangos carrier-grade service also enables carriers to target the explosive growth of pre-paid roaming by alleviating their home customers concerns over rates as they roam outbound to other networks. Pre-paid customers are more sensitive to pricing, so the real-time notification of roaming costs within the country visited is highly desirable, alleviating concerns over unknown costs and, therefore, increasing brand loyalty which ultimately leads to an overall increase in network usage for the Roamer Care Service carrier, said Mr. Rutanen.

The Ztango Roamer Care Service is an open solution which targets users based on triggered events, group identity, pre-defined schedules and roaming patterns. The new services intelligent message delivery control provides volume management and dynamically filters out unwanted message types, offering highly targeted messaging based on user profiles.

According to the GSM Association, more than 132 countries utilizing GSM networks support roaming. An estimated 750 million roaming calls were made each month in June, July and August with signs of further growth ahead.

About Ztango
Ztango is a wireless application service provider creating and deploying solutions that rapidly enable businesses to access and distribute critical information among customers, employees and business partners. By managing the many complexities associated with network connectivity, enterprise integration and device interoperability, Ztango accelerates its customers ability to leverage wireless application solutions to grow their business. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia with a technology center in Helsinki, Finland, Ztango has received a $37.8 million equity investment from General Atlantic Partners, LLC. For more information about Ztango, visit www.ztango.com.