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Desktop goes mobile with Tsunami™

Tsunami ™ from Digital Mobility brings desktop look & feel to Javaphones

PCIA Global Xchange, Chicago 26-29 September 2000: A new desktop user environment from wireless Internet developer Digital Mobility brings all the convenience and familiarity of point-and-click computing to Java-based phones.

Available under license to mobile phone and PDA manufacturers, Tsunami (Telephone System User Network Application Management Interface) is a desktop environment that allows phone manufacturers to build a file system directory structure for Java-enabled mobile phone applications (MIDlets). It can also enable application management, storage management, and application Internet search, payment and download.

With Tsunami, phone resources can be conveniently displayed and managed from the screen of any Java-based phone or other information device.

Key features of Tsunami Desktop include:
* Enhanced Desktop allows Auto Start items to be created. An Info Alter ticker is present on the desktop informing the user of new events from running MIDlet applications;
* Item Selector functionality allows files and folders to be moved or deleted, and icon graphics can be changed or copied as shortcuts. The addition of application parameters in the Tsunami Desktop allows the browser (WAP, Web or iMode) to create shortcuts for specific URLs;
* A Desktop API is also available, allowing applications to manipulate desktop information such as creating and deleting short cuts and desktop altering of events.

As end users look increasingly to their phones to deliver information, entertainment and m-commerce services, the mass market expects an on-screen environment for their mobile device thats friendly, meaningful and intuitive, says Digital Mobility Limited Technical Director Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel. Tsunami allows Java-based phone manufacturers to create an end-user experience that encourages take-up of new-generation services that high-speed bearer services from GPRS to UMTS will deliver. With Tsunami, the mobile phone is a step close to becoming the access method of choice for tomorrows mobile multimedia information society.

Preliminary information. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Javaphone is a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc.
Tsunami Desktop is a trademark of Digital Mobility Limited.

For further information please contact:

Europe/Worldwide Enquiries

Digital Mobility Limited
The Glassmill
1 Battersea Bridge Road
London SW11 3BZ UK
Tel: +44 (0) 207 738 1999
Fax: +44 (0) 207 739 0022
[email protected]

For press information, please contact:
Johan Sjöquist
Chief Operating Officer, Digital Mobility Limited
Tel: +44 20 7738 1999
[email protected]

Notes to Editors:
1. Digital Mobility Limited is a provider of high quality turnkey mobile Internet solutions for mobile end-users and business-to-business customers.
2. Digital Mobility offers a complete range of secure mobile Internet services including content adaptation, application hosting and customer relationship management.
3. InHand (www.inhand.net) is Digital Mobilitys mobile portal of personalised business, travel, information, financial and m-commerce services. InHand is available to WAP phone users in Sweden, Israel and Guernsey, with further service launches imminent in the UK and worldwide.
4. Digital Mobility hosts and delivers mobile Internet services and applications via the WAPHub, its secure server that supports content hosting, user authentication and session management.
5. Hewlett-Packard distributes Digital Mobilitys end-to-end secure m-commerce solution for banking and other financial services customers. Digital Mobility is also a member of Hewlett-Packards E-Bazaar, a global marketplace bringing together providers and customers of mobile commerce products and services.
6. Psion has recently licensed Digital Mobilitys WAP browser for use in the companys Revo Plus PDA (personal digital assistant).
7. Digital Mobility Limited was established in 1998 with investment from Swedish Venture Capital fund Ledstiernan. The company operates from headquarters in London with additional offices in Sweden. Digital Mobility InHand AB is the wholly owned Swedish subsidiary of Digital Mobility Limited.
8. Digital Mobility is a member of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum (www.wapforum.org). It is also a member of European standards body ETSI (www.etsi.fr).