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-- Unimobile 3.0 Support for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Extends Messaging and Information Access Worldwide

DEMOMOBILE, PASADENA, Calif., September 6, 2000 -- Unimobile.com, the leading provider of global anywhere, any device mobile text messaging, today released Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) support that enables users of WAP devices worldwide to immediately implement two-way global text messaging and information access. WAP users can now send and receive text messages globally to and from mobile users of WAP devices, cell phones, pagers, PalmTM and other hand-held devices, as well as with desktop Web browser users. WAP devices can also be used to access worldwide information sources.
As part of the Unimobile 3.0 release, Unimobile WAP provides users with leading-edge mobile capabilities for mobile communications, device configuration and control, and content. WAP users can now exploit Unimobiles mobile text messaging features like address book, group messaging, and message blocking. Additionally, Unimobile WAP users can now get access to their existing services through the WAP interface. Future versions of Unimobile WAP will include support for adding mobile devices and mobile device settings such as "do not disturb" and "active device" status.
"Unimobile WAP allows Unimobile.com to translate its leadership in global anywhere, any device text messaging to the important new WAP platform" said Vas Bhandarkar, president and CEO of Unimobile.com. "Unimobile WAP has been designed and tested to provide our unique messaging products and services to run on the vast majority of WAP devices out there. This demonstrates Unimobile.coms flexible and highly scalable platform is at the leading edge of the fast changing wireless technology landscape."

Unimobile.com Enables WAP Devices to Use Two-Way Global Text Messaging

WAP is an open, wireless specification that empowers global mobile users to access and interact with information and services easily and instantly. As a member of the WAPForum, Unimobile.com has developed this technology to work with the standards employed by the coalition so that relevant information and services can be delivered to mobile users in a timely manner. Unimobile WAP can be accessed at http://wap.unimobile.com.
"Unimobile WAP is a great example of delivering rich applications to mobile users, like myself, to make their mobile lifestyle more effective and enjoyable," said Jeff Cable, vice president of worldwide marketing for Magellan Corporation. "I can now easily send a message to any of my friends or co-workers who have mobile devices. With my demanding schedule, this product is a great time saver as I can send a quick note and then get back to work with just one click."
"Creating lasting stickiness is a universal goal for Web-based communications products, but it is even more attainable in the WAP space because consumers are increasingly using browser-based applications to enable personal messaging," said Scott Goldman, CEO for WAP Forum. "Unimobile WAP, developed by Unimobile.com, and other WAP solutions developed by WAP Forum members help in achieving this goal."
Unimobile WAP
Unimobile WAP provides mobile device users with the industryˇ¦s most complete messaging application, fully integrated with Internet services. Features include:

  • Ability to send messages to any mobile device in the world, including cellular phones, pagers and PDAs, without being a registered Unimobile user.
  • Support for all versions of publicly released HDML and WML browsers

  • Support for most popular handset devices

  • Access to all personal Internet services, Web mail and POP mail.

  • Access to a complete calendaring and alert system.

  • Ability to determine from any WAP-enabled phone whether friends and family are online.

  • Access to Unimobile buddy lists online from any WAP-enabled phone anywhere in the world.

Unimobile.com Enables WAP Devices to Use Two-Way Global Text Messaging

Unimobile 3.0 Provides Wide-Ranging Capabilities
Unimobile 3.0 provides enterprises and their partners and customers with:

  • A platform for private label mobile text messaging services.

  • New services for Web-based users globally.

  • Support for multiple types of mobile devices, including WAP devices, cell phones, pagers and communicating with Palm and other hand-held devices.

  • Expansion of U.S. service coverage areas to include 98% of text-enabled mobile device users.

  • Improved system reliability and increased messaging speeds to manage 50% month-to-month growth in traffic.

  • Substantially broadened firewall support to better serve enterprise desktop messaging users who must operate behind the most popular firewalls.

  • Support for all the top mobile protocols, including GSM, PCS, CDMA, TDMA, and 3G wireless.

  • Interoperability with I-Mode and interconnect with other messaging platforms and wireless Internet users such as ICQ and MSN Messenger.

About Unimobile.com
Unimobile.com creates products and services for businesses to deliver anywhere, any device applications, including global messaging, content, and commerce, using text messaging as the underlying medium. Unimobile, the companyˇ¦s end-user product, is a free downloadable desktop tool that connects friends and family around the world to each other and to the Internet via PCs and wireless devices, including interfaces with the desktop, Web, WAP and PDAs such as the Palm Pilot. Unimobile.com runs the Unimobile Virtual Network (UVN), a 24-7 monitored service that serves as a communications backbone to deliver instant text messages, personalized email and Internet content to Unimobile users across 120 countries globally. Unimobile works on more than 370 wireless networks worldwide. Unimobile.com offers businesses the UVN for delivery of mobile information and alerts for their customers on a private label basis. For more information about Unimobile.com, please visit www.unimobile.com.

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