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Software Vendor MATERNA Develops WAP Gateway for Windows 2000

Dortmund, August 8, 2000. Software company MATERNA Information & Communications announces a Microsoft Windows 2000-based solution for its Anny Way WAP Gateway that will be available by October 2000. Implementation is taking place at the Mobile Solutions Development Center in Graz, Austria. MATERNA opened the new location a few months ago to implement Windows 2000-based solutions for the mobile sector.
Microsoft Windows 2000 is an ideal operating system for WAP development, especially in the corporate market, because it offers high stability at correspondingly low costs and has already been well received by IT departments. To date, most WAP Gateway solutions are based on network operators needs to offer content of general interest on a broad basis. However, if a business wants to provide its mobile employees with Intranet services, this involves an entirely different set of requirements. The ability to provide a connection to individual corporate services plays a key role in this case. ERP and CRM solutions, messaging systems, and even company information services that are both simple and secure must be offered on mobile devices without creating inconsistencies or redundancies.
Equipped with a plug-in interface, the Anny Way WAP Gateway for Windows 2000 provides an excellent interface for integrating customer-specific solutions quickly and efficiently. With this flexible design, MATERNA creates a stable development environment that enables businesses to expand their corporate Internet services to mobile devices quickly and securely.
Anny Way WAP Gateway
MATERNA implements professional WAP solutions for its customers as a full service under the Anny Way brand name. Anny Way WAP solutions are implemented as a one-stop shopping solution and range from individual WAP applications all the way to managing a complete value-added service infrastructure for network operators and service providers. All solutions are based on Anny Ways modular WAP service portfolio: the scalable Anny Way WAP Gateway, Content Services, Billing Module, Mobile Unified Messaging, Over-The-Air (OTA) configuration, and a wide variety of other WAP applications. Customers can access these services via the Anny Way WAP Portal. This is the first fully-integrated mobile portal and offers convenient "drag & drop" personalization, the WAP Catalog, WAP Search, WAP Mail, Mobile Phone Preview, individual bookmark management, and an extensive administration environment. As a member of the WAP Forum, MATERNA is taking an active role in developing the WAP standard.

The Company
The MATERNA Group is one of Germanys leading software vendors of information/communications technology. MATERNA currently has a staff of 1,000 employees throughout Europe. In 1999, the company earned 252 million German marks in revenues. In addition to its headquarters in Dortmund, MATERNA has branch offices and subsidiaries throughout the Federal Republic of Germany and is present in France, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Great Britain, and Hong Kong. MATERNAs range of services includes products, solutions, and services based on e-solutions (e-business,
e-customer relationship management, e-management), mobile solutions (value-added mobile services), and unified messaging.

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