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DHL joins WAP Forum

DHL International, the worlds leading air express network, announced today it has been accepted as an affiliate member to WAP Forum, the worldwide industry body responsible for the invention and continued development of WAP technology. It is one of the first Air Express companies to be accepted.

DHLs membership will help it maintain its market leadership in the use of WAP by bringing them into contact with other WAP leaders and innovators such Siemens, BT Cellnet, IBM and Nokia.

DHL was the first air express company to introduce a WAP parcel tracking service in October 1999 DHL WAP Track. Use of this service has grown by 50% each month since its launch.

WAP users now access a stripped-down version of DHLs central corporate website, http://www.dhl.com/ through any WAP device. By reducing the amount of data sent to WAP devices, customers enjoy quicker downloads and save money through reduced call length.

Recent updates to the service include the development of a DHL drop-off locator to guide customers to their nearest office and the ability to support 21 different languages.

Etienne de Longvilliers, Global Logistics Director for DHL, commented: DHL continues to be ahead of the competition in its use of WAP technology. Membership of the WAP Forum will bring us into even closer contact with the latest advances in WAP technology and will help us quickly pass these advantages on to customers.

The WAP Forum is the industry association that has developed the de-facto world standard for wireless information and telephony services on digital mobile phones and other wireless terminals. The primary goal of the WAP Forum is to bring together companies from all segments of the wireless industry to ensure product interoperability and growth of the wireless market.

WAP Forum comprises more than 500 members and includes leading infrastructure providers, software developers and other organisations providing solutions to the wireless industry.

WAP Forum CEO, Scott Goldman, commented: By joining the WAP Forum DHL shows a clear dedication and commitment to advancing the WAP specification. They were among the early adopters of the standard, and their current WAP service is a perfect example of how WAP can benefit mobile consumers.

For further information please contact:
Charlie Coney +44 20 7465 7755 [email protected]
Chris McCafferty +44 20 7465 7766 [email protected]

Note to Editors:
DHL Worldwide
DHL Worldwide is the pioneer and market leader of the global air express industry with an international network linking more than 80,000 destinations serving 635,000 cities in 228 countries and employing over 60,000 people.

DHL Worldwide Express is composed of DHL Airways Inc., which serves all locations in the US and its territories; and DHL International Ltd. and its agents and affiliated companies, which serve all locations outside the US and its territories. More information regarding DHLs products and services can be found at www.dhl.com

The new DHL WAP system can support the following languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish, Lithuanian, Korean, Russian and Slovakian.

WAP Forum
The WAP Forum is the industry association that is responsible for developing and fostering the growth of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) an open, global standard that allows mobile users of wireless hand-held devices to easily and instantly access and interact with the Internet. The forum is comprised of more than 500 members, representing 95 percent of the handsets sold worldwide and more than 200 million global subscribers. Members include worldwide handset manufacturers, carriers, infrastructure providers, software developers and other wireless solution providers. For more information about WAP Forum, including a current listing of its members, visit www.wapforum.org