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GeePS.com, Inc. Joins WAP Forum With Innovative Location-based, Wireless Technologies For Retailers and Consumers

Convergence of wireless (WAP) and Location-based (GPS) technologies

CRANBURY, NEW JERSEY, JUNE 6, 2000 -- GeePS.com, Inc. an early developer and provider of new wireless Internet and location-based technologies announced today that it has joined the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum, a consortium of more than 400 companies dedicated to developing the de-facto global standard for wireless information and telephony services accessed on hand-held devices such as wireless phones, PDAs and pagers.

Through innovative technologies, promotions, partnerships and alliances, GeePS is an end-to-end solution that helps bricks-and-mortar merchants - from large retail chains to Mom and Pop restaurants - compete on a level playing field with the big dot-coms and Etailers, starting with delivering personalized, location-based promotion messages to customers, and ending with a completely wireless transaction.

People are no longer restricted to Internet access from their homes and offices. Wireless devices, and GeePS technologies empower consumers to find information and great deals from nearby businesses anytime, anyplace.

The involvement of WAP Forum members such as GeePS helps the organization ensure interoperability among WAP-enabled devices, in addition to fostering the development of rich, localized wireless Internet content for mobile users, said Scott Goldman, WAP Forum CEO.

Joining the WAP Forum is a milestone for GeePS, said GeePS President and COO Arshad Masood. It helps establish GeePS as a first mover in WAP development, and will enable us to collaborate with members toward establishing the future direction of mobile commerce and the delivery of customized content to wireless devices."

About GeePS.com, Inc.
Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, GeePS.com, Inc. has introduced the convergence of wireless (WAP) and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technologies. GeePS has started beta testing its personalized, location-based wireless technologies technology in New York City and San Francisco, and will soon expand into new markets including suburban New Jersey.

The GeePS technology is a unique vertical play that helps merchants acquire new customers. From retail chains to small boutiques, GeePS empowers bricks-and-mortar merchants to compete with E-Tailers and attract new customers by sending information and promotional messages to nearby prospects. GeePS allows merchants to continue to offer the best aspects of traditional brick-and-mortar shopping (touch and feel, human interaction) with the informational capabilities of the Internet, leading to a satisfying, informed, personal shopping experience. Consumers will be able to quickly and easily access real-time information and deals that help them to make purchasing decisions - anywhere, anytime- using their wireless device. Additional information on GeePS is available at www.geeps.com.

About the WAP Forum
The WAP Forum is the industry association that is responsible for developing and fostering the growth of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) an open, global standard that allows mobile users of wireless hand-held devices to easily and instantly access and interact with the Internet. The forum is comprised of more than 400 members, representing 95 percent of the handsets sold worldwide and more than 200 million global subscribers. Members include worldwide handset manufacturers, carriers, infrastructure providers, software developers and other wireless solution providers. For more information about WAP Forum, including a current listing of its members, visit http://www.wapforum.org.