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Memorex Telex staff enjoy world-wide first in WAP access of customer database.

Sales staff at Memorex Telex are today the first employees worldwide using WAP technology to access and update their
customer management system. Memorex staff can access, review and update their customer database from wherever they happen to be using the dot Digifone-on-line service. The new system uses the Esat Digifone network and software designed by eWare Limited. This development marks the emergence of WAP technology from simply providing content on WAP-compatible phones to allowing users interact with and update their systems from a familiar
phone handset.

eWare is a solution for integrating employees and customers into a single eCRM (eCustomer Relationship Management) system. The solution allows users to access and interact with this system by phone, e-mail or WAP.

Commenting on the announcement, Barry Maloney, CEO, Esat Digifone said:

"Our customers not only want up-to-the-minute content available to them, but also to use their WAP phones as fully-fledged business tools. Our partnership with eWare allows them to do this, and is the first step in a full range of business services designed to increase customer productivity using the dot Digifone-on-line service, effectively turning the WAP handset into your own desktop, regardless of where you are and at what time. eWares customer management technology is the only eCRM company we know whose technology allows our business customers access this kind of essential information over GSM. We are delighted to be the first network in Ireland to bring this product to reality in association with them".

"Our sales staff are delighted with this new tool" commented Paschal Naylor, MD of Memorex Telex "one of the major problems that sales teams have is remoteness from the office, synchronizing meetings etc. With eWares WAP eCRM solution with them, sales teams are not only instantly available, but they can dial in for up-to-the second customer histories, pricing, deal information-anything that they previously had to be in the office to access. Its exactly the same system on their phones as on their laptops - were looking forward to speeding the sales cycle as our team can concentrate on selling rather than on administrative duties."

"Were very excited about this deployment", commented Ivan MacDonald, CEO of eWare Limited. "This is truly a landmark deployment, not just for us but also for WAP technology worldwide. We are the only company in the CRM space that has the technology to let you conduct business anywhere as if you were in the office. Our agreement with Digifone means it is going to be easier again for our customers to deploy these solutions. We believe that when you
have adopted the eWare solution your customers just got closer - the Memorex Telex deployment and the ones to follow will go a long way to proving just that."

About Memorex Telex

Memorex Telex (Ireland) Limited is one of Irelands leading systems integrators. The company focuses on IT infrastructure, services, storage management and eBusiness solutions. With offices in Dublin and Limerick, Memorex Telex is a subsidiary of MSH International Services A.G. with operations across Europe.

About eWare Ltd

eWare is the Wireless and Internet eCRM company. Their products integrate employees, partners and employees into a single eBusiness system that can be accessed and interacted with by phone, e-mail, Web self-service, wireless and WAP. Their patent-pending, thin-client architecture makes this capability possible and is unique to eWare in the eCRM industry. eWare is a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in the UK and the USA.

About Digifone

Esat Digifone is Europes fastest growing second mobile phone operator with over 560,000 customers. Digifone have taken the lead in Ireland for WAP technology and already have over 10,000 people using their dot Digifone-on-line service. Services available already include News, Sport, Travel and entertainment. Digifone are also the first operator to offer on-line shopping over the dot Digifone-on-line service. Digifone employs over 650 people in offices nationwide.