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room33 define mobile Internet business model of the future

The innovative business proposition being offered by Sweden’s room33, will ensure the company stays ahead in the 21st century

London, 15 March 2000 room33, the Sweden-based provider of carrier quality mobile Internet services has launched a unique Alliance Programme targeted at potential partners in every sector of the wireless industry. The innovative programme is centred on a new web site located at partners.room33.com, which outlines the fundamentals of the options on offer and the benefits of forming an alliance with room33.

room33 is a wireless specialist, carving a niche in the emerging wireless market, said Zaheed Haque, CEO of room33. We believe we are doing this through the provision of our fully functional service package, room33.com.The service delivers is centred around our mobile portal and delivers timely and relevant information to users, allowing
them greater freedom to roam. We believe we are offering prospective business partners a unique proposition in the mobile Internet market a solution for the generation of turnkey revenues through a no risk investment.

The companys mobile Internet vision is changing the way users interact with the Web. room33 and Norways biggest telecom operator, Telenor Mobil, have signed an agreement for room33.com mobile Internet services to be featured on Telenor Mobils WAP site, providing all Telenor Mobil WAP users with easy and fast access to the services.

room33 currently deliver the room33.com mobile Internet service using WAP technology. The initial interactive facility is comprised of My room33, room33 Messenger, room33 Calendar, room33 Contacts, room33 Weather and room33 Stocks. The organisational side of the model offers a variety of business opportunities to prospective partners and is based on different levels of affiliation with room33. The Alliance Programme is comprised of six different types of alliance the Affiliate Alliance, Service Alliances, Content and Application Alliances, Co-branding Strategies, Advertising Alliances and Strategic Alliances.

A working example of an Affiliate Alliance as set out by room33 is as follows: a potential partner signs up as an affiliate at the partners.room33.com site and automatically receives a code and room33 hotlink at their own WAP or web site. The system works as an open link exchange to drive traffic, whereby a lead driven to the room33.com portal from the affiliate companys link will earn that affiliate revenue. At the next level, a lead that evolves into a new subscription earns an increased rate of revenue and once a certain level of leads has been generated, the affiliate is awarded an increased rate of return.

We are taking Web interaction to the next level, said Haque. Because we are independent, we are able to sustain alliances with multiple partners. Our business proposition is targeted at independent content providers, application developers, network operators and device manufacturers and has several levels, as does the room33.com service.
Both the service and the business model can be personalised to suit individual or individual business requirements.

About room33
Room33 partner site: http://partner.room33.com room33.com mobile Internet services: http://room33.com.
room33 corporate website: http://info.room33.com

More Information
Peo Olsson, VP of Corporate Communications, room33,
[email protected]

room33 is a leading provider of personalised information, communication, entertainment and transactional services for all mobile users. The information and services are closely integrated and can be accessed from all digital communication devices connected to the Internet - for example WAP-enabled phones and handheld computers. room33.com is a global service and will be adapted to suit country-specific needs regarding content, language and culture. room33 AB was founded in 1998 and is a member of the WAP Forum, the GPRS Application Alliance, Bluetooth SIG and W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium.

Peo Olsson, room33 AB
Gustavslundsvägen 139, 8th floor
167 51 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: + 46 8 506 508 00
Mobile: + 46 706 34 55 41
Mobile Internet services: http://room33.com Corporate website: http://info.room33.com E-mail: [email protected]