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Materna WAP Gateway: Supporting all WAP Terminals

Dortmund, March 27, 2000. MATERNA Information & Communications is the first WAP gateway provider to offer true interoperability with all WAP terminalson the market.

After several months of WAP euphoria, the WAP train has started rolling. WAP-enabled mobile phones are on sale, with manufacturers announcing new models each week. For mobile network operators and corporate clients, this gives rise to questions about the interoperability of their network infrastructure. An independent system house, Materna is blazing this particular trail, and its WAP gateway already supports all WAP terminals available on the market.

Materna is totally committed to the open WAP standard, currently in Version 1.1, and will soon be supporting Version 1.2 as well. "We believe the compatibility restrictions associated with proprietary add-on features simply go against the grain of the open WAP standard. The aim has to be to support all WAP-compatible phones and terminals", says Helmut an de Meulen, the companys managing partner.

The list of WAP-capable devices is getting longer by the week: Nokia 7110, Ericsson R320s, Ericsson MC218, Motorola Timeport, Siemens IC 35 "The Unifier" and also handheld devices with integrated WAP browsers such as the Compaq Aero. Materna provides the value-added services infrastructure to support all WAP-compatible devices.

This demonstrates the clear advantage offered by an independent systems house. In contrast to gateway providers who also sell user devices or supply browsers to other device suppliers, Materna pursues the goal of opening up
the entire world of WAP to all its users. This is why Maternas WAP applications are browser-independent, such as the first integrated WAP portal featuring "Drag & Drop" customization. All WAP users can make use of its full functionality, no matter whether theyre using a Nokia or a Motorola phone. The aim is to provide services and applications on the net
which all mobile phones can use.

Materna offers the implementation of professional WAP solutions as a full service. Throughout, the platform is the Materna WAP gateway with all its flexibility, adaptability and high performance. As well as the WAP connection itself, it provides the basis for a multitude of other value-added services, all of which can be tailored as "customized solutions"
to meet the needs of the individual customer. Services offered range from mobile messaging solutions and banking/commerce solutions to complete outsourcing of the value-added infrastructure for mobile network carriers,
including clientele-specific billing. As a member of the WAP Forum, Materna is taking an active role in future development of the WAP standard.

MATERNA Information & Communications

The Materna Group is one of the leading German software vendors in the field of information and communications technology. Materna currently has a staff of more than 900 people throughout Europe. In 1999, turnover amounted to
DM252 million. In addition to its headquarters in Dortmund, the company has branch offices and subsidiaries throughout the Federal Republic of Germany and is present in France, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Ireland.
The company portfolio includes products, solutions and services for E-Solutions (E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, and Systems Management), Mobile Solutions (mobile value-added services) and Unified

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Vosskuhle 37, 44141 Dortmund, Germany,Phone (+49) 231 55 99-1 68, Fax -165,
E-Mail: [email protected], http://www.materna.de/presse

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MATERNA Information & Communications
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