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CMG enhances WAP

WAP Service BrokerTM boosts mobile commerce security

Cannes, 2 February 2000. CMG Telecommunications, a leading global supplier of messaging and gateway solutions for the wireless telecom industry, has announced important new functionality for the WAP Service BrokerTM product. These will further increase the security of wireless data communications and therefore facilitate the introduction of mobile commerce (m-commerce) applications. The security additions are enhancements to current version of the WAP Wireless Transaction Layer Security (WTML) protocol.

WTML only provides security between the wireless device and the WAP gateway, i.e. the protocol addresses security issues at the transaction layer, but this only covers confidentiality and message integrity. This means that two, tightly linked security issues are not resolved: authentication of both sender and receiver, and non-repudiation of the transaction. It is clear that m-commerce applications cannot be implemented until the WAP Forum addresses these issues. However, CMG has decided not to wait for a new version of the specification and increased security has already been introduced into the companys WAP Service BrokerTM product.

"The added-value security capabilities that are provided by Release 1.1 of the WAP Service BrokerTM enable our customers to enter the electronic commerce market now. CMG can provide a smooth growth path to the end-to-end security capabilities provided by the WAP Forums Wireless Identity Module and Wireless Public Key Infrastructure initiatives," said Geert Kolthof, CMGs Vice-President Mobile Internet Products.

Client authentication is provided by means of Calling Line Identity, in combination with user name and password validation. This is equivalent to providing the senders unique identity, since the calling line identity is virtually impossible to duplicate. The WAP Service BrokerTM registers every event passing through the gateway. Logs are generated for all transactions between the wireless device and the WAP Service BrokerTM, as well as the broker and the banking and e-commerce applications in the Internet or Intranet domains. The owner of the WAP Service BrokerTM can therefore confirm the completion of the transaction, which means that it cannot be repudiated at a later date.

About CMG Telecommunications
CMG Telecommunications, is the leading global supplier of messaging and gateway solutions for the wireless telecom industry. CMG develops high-end solutions in close co-operation with network operators. To date, more than 100 of these quality solutions have been delivered to over 65 operators world wide. They are widely recognised to be the best around, combining minimum operator intervention with maximum performance and availability.

The product portfolio includes the WAP Service BrokerTM, Mobile E-mail, Short Message Service Centre and the Cell Broadcast System. More information about CMG Telecommunications can be found on the Internet at www.cmgtelecom.com.

CMG telecommunications is a division of CMG plc, a leading European IT services group, providing business information solutions around the world through consultancy, systems development, software applications and managed services. CMG is established in 1964 and nowadays employs over 8,000 employees. The Group is listed on the London and Amsterdam stock exchanges.

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