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Palm Reach becomes room33

Stockholm 18 January 2000. Palm Reach, one of the pioneers when it comes to WAP based mobile Internet services, changes name to room33. The reason is that room33.com is easier to market as a global brand for mobile Internet services. The name change also eliminates the risk of confusion with companies that have similar names to Palm Reach when the WAP portal room33.com is launched in the UK and the rest of Europe, starting in Q1.

"Palm Reach has been good to us and the name has worked fine on the Swedish market, but now as we start the global marketing of our WAP based mobile Internet service room33.com, there is simply too much "Palm" in the old name. To avoid confusion and to make it easier for us to focus on a single brand, we are therefore changing the name of the company to room33", says Zaheed Haque, CEO, room33 AB.

room33 has an office in New York and is in the process of opening one in London. During this year, six more offices will also be established in Europe and Asia.

"Such an expansion demands a high level of recruitment. In order to find the right people, we work with Swedish recruitment firms Alumni and Academic Search", concludes Zaheed Haque.

Further information:

Peo Olsson, Communications Director, room33 AB, +46 8 556 305 52, +46 706 34 55 41, [email protected]

room33.com mobile Internet services: http://room33.com

room33 corporate website: http://info.room33.com

room33 is a leading provider of personalised information, communication, entertainment and transactional services for all mobile users. The information and services are closely integrated and can be accessed from all digital communication devices connected to the Internet, for example WAP-enabled phones and handheld computers. room33.com is a global service and will be adapted to country specific needs regarding content, language and culture. room33 AB was founded in 1998 and is a member of the WAP Forum, the GPRS Application Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, Wireless Data Forum and W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium.