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Webraska shows how cell phones turn into co-pilots and help users overcome the hassles of traffic congestion

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Las Vegas, January 5, 2000 - Using a cell phone to be guided through a congestion-free route to a destination anywhere in the country is today possible for subscribers of leading wireless telephony operators which have partnered with Webraska Mobile Technologies.

Webraska is the worlds leading provider of real-time traffic information and route guidance on cell phones screens via the Internet using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and manages one of the worlds largest Internet digital map servers.

Webraskas services include real-time traffic maps that display road conditions directly on a cell phone screen as well as street-by-street guidance whether traveling by car, subway or simply walking, taking into account traffic congestion to work out the best itinerary. Webraska also offers services that locate, and guide users to, the nearest facilities such as free parking lots or open gas stations using either an address entered on the phone keypad or automatic positioning techniques.

Webraskas pioneering services are compatible with any wireless phone technology, including CDMA, GSM, GPRS and UMTS. They rely on Webraskas expertise in digital cartography, wireless telephony, graphic displays and on its real-time traffic and digital street maps database.

Webraska holds the patent for IbDN (Internet-based Distributed Navigation), the technology which uses data stored on Internet servers to provide a constantly up-to-date alternative to CD-rom navigation tools available in luxury cars.

Webraskas services have already been launched with leading European wireless telephony operators SFR (France) and KPN (The Netherlands), and are being tested by T-Mobil (Germany).

About Webraska

In October 1998, Webraska Mobile Technologies was the first company in the world to display real-time traffic maps directly on a GSM telephone screen using WAP. With its patented technologies, Webraska is today the worlds leading provider of real-time maps and guidance on GSM screens using WAP and has Europes largest Internet digital map server. Webraskas pioneering services are built on carrier-quality digital map servers designed to support millions of subscribers. The company is currently finalizing agreements to raise capital to finance its growth. Webraska is headquartered in Poissy, France and has offices in Belgium and Spain.

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