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Free of charge demo software gives Palm OS users access to all available WAP 1.1 services on the Internet.

LUND, SWEDEN, January 04, 2000 - AU-System AB announces a public demonstration version of the Ericsson Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Browser, adapted for handheld devices based on Palm OS from Palm Computing, Inc. The new software is immediately available, free of charge, for download from AU-Systems web site as well as from Ericssons developers zone. It has been developed to run on Palm IIIx and Palm V series organisers, and compatible devices. In addition, Internet access is required for connecting to WAP-enabled web sites and online services.

"AU-Systems release of a free of charge public demo for the Palm OS platform will further popularise WAP technology, and encourage the development of content and services tailored for WAP", said Staffan Pehrson, Director of Ericsson WAP Programme. "This is our purpose for making the Ericsson WAP 1.1 Browser available at favourable conditions to other manufacturers and AU-System is our key partner in this process".

"Our long-term goal is to establish AU-System as a major global supplier of key enabling solutions for WAP and other emerging wireless networking technologies", said Anders Cedervall, Executive Vice President of AU-System AB.

The Palm OS adaptation is based on the Ericsson WAP Browser, which has been co-developed with AU-System. The browser is used in all Ericssons mobile telephones and terminals with WAP functionality. The public demo WAP Browser for Palm OS users is a functionally complete implementation of the WAP 1.1 specification, defined by WAP Forum (www.wapforum.org). It is limited to non-commercial use, and is supplied as is, without any warranties or support.

AU-System has the worldwide exclusive right to distribute and adapt the Ericsson WAP Browser to suppliers of handsets, organisers, and other types of mobile terminals, with various forms of OEM licensing available. The browser is also available to content providers, enterprises, and organisations. The WAP Browser will not be offered directly to the end-user market.

The Ericsson WAP Browser is based on a generic component design, making it easy to adapt to different types of wireless terminals for all major digital transmission standards, mobile handsets, PDAs, and other handheld devices. It is equally flexible when working with multiple operating environments. AU-System currently offers adapted versions for Windows CE, Palm OS and EPOC as well as various embedded systems. Interoperability with WAP 1.1 gateways provided by Ericsson, Nokia, and other vendors is ensured.

AU-System has been an active participant in the WAP Forum from the beginning. The standardisation work is run in parallel with WAP product and service development projects. AU-Systems WAP experience therefore spans from business models to detailed technical knowledge. The company currently has 150 active consultants with more than 250 man-years experience covering all aspects of WAP technology.

The public demo WAP Browser for Palm OS is immediately available for download from: http://www.ausystem.com/WAP. Additional editorial information and images can be found at the same address. The browser will also be available from the Ericsson WAP Developers Zone at: http://www.ericsson.com/WAP.

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About AU-System Founded in 1974, AU-System quickly established itself as Swedens first software specialist in the area of data communications. Today, AU-System remains Swedens largest independent consulting company within the networking field, with more than 500 employees. AU-System offer world class wireless software solutions and advanced consulting services, including integration and development projects, business development, and advisory services. The head office is based in Stockholm with other offices in Gothenburg, Lund and Östersund. AU-System was presented with the prestigious industry award IT Company of the Year, 1999, by the Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer. For more information, please visit the AU-System Web site at http://www.ausystem.com.

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