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Herndon, Virginia October 23 2000 Ztango, Inc., a Wireless Application Service Provider
(W-ASP) providing wireless application solutions to wireless carriers, e-companies, and corporations, today announced a partnership with the Washington Redskins to provide Redskins fans with information services anytime, anywhere through a variety of wireless handheld devices, including mobile phones, pagers and personal digital assistants.

Through its partnership with Ztango, the Washington Redskins will deliver real-time
information to Redskins fans throughout the NFL season and into the off-season.
Ztango will provide wireless application solutions that will enable the Washington
Redskins to offer a wide variety of services. On game days during the season, those services will include traffic and parking information, making fans trips to the game less stressful and more enjoyable. Fans will also have the opportunity to sign up for specific news alerts, a service intended to keep Redskins fans abreast of any information coming out of Redskins Park or FedEx Field any day of the week.

In order to sign up for Redskins Mobile Flash, Ztango has created a link directly from the Redskins website, www.redskins.com. Users will have the option of choosing from the variety of services offered by Ztango and the Redskins. For example, fans can select games they will be attending and choose to receive traffic and parking updates for those specific dates.
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The benefits of our partnership with Ztango fit perfectly into our objective to deliver the maximum NFL experience, said Jason Gould, Director of redskins.com. We feel strongly that redskins.com users will recognize the value in receiving up-to-the minute news updates, thanks to our timely partnership with Ztango.

The prevalence of two-way wireless devices coupled with American sports enthusiasts desire for immediate access to information, made for a natural partnership between the Washington Redskins and Ztango, said John R. Harris, Ztango CEO and Chairman of the Board. Our experienced development team rapidly customized an SMS and WAP solution to meet the Redskins requirements of providing their fans with real-time information via mobile devices.

As the first NFL franchise to offer wireless alerts and notifications to its fan base, the Washington Redskins organization has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the delivery of team-
specific data to a wireless environment. Valuable and timely communication has become part of the overall enjoyment of sports today, and this partnership, which capitalizes on proven cutting-edge technology, is yet another example of the Redskins commitment to continually enhance the fan experience.

About Ztango
Ztango is a wireless application service provider creating and deploying solutions that rapidly enable businesses to access and distribute critical information among customers, employees and business partners. By managing the many complexities associated with network connectivity, enterprise integration and device interoperability, Ztango accelerates its customers ability to leverage wireless application solutions to grow their business. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia with a technology center in Helsinki, Finland, Ztango has received a $37.8 million equity investment from General Atlantic Partners, LLC. For more information about Ztango, visit www.ztango.com.