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Collaboration Demonstrates Advanced WAP Capability

CUPERTINO, CA - December 9, 1999 - Pixo, Inc., a leading developer of integrated software applications for wireless devices, today announced that it will collaborate with AU-System, Sweden's largest specialty software and consulting company in the mobile telecommunications arena. As part of this strategic alliance, Pixo and AU-System will work closely to integrate Pixo's graphical user interface and personal information management (PIM) applications with the AU-System WAP browser.

The integration of Pixo's software with AU-System's WAP browser demonstrates the extensibility of both the Pixo and AU-System platforms. Designed to offer the maximum flexibility to phone manufacturers, Pixo's architecture is capable of supporting the AU-System WAP browser in addition to its own HTML browser. Likewise, AU-System's architecture also features a modular design that allows easy integration of Pixo's graphical user interface. When combined, the Pixo and AU-System software products will provide a rich set of PIM applications on the phone, as well as the ability to utilize today's WAP networks and tomorrow's wireless Internet access technologies. "AU-System has established itself as a leader of the WAP initiative by being a key contributor to the WAP specifications and the WAP Forum," said Rich Rifredi, Vice President of Marketing at Pixo. "The fact that Pixo's platform can seamlessly integrate with AU-System's WAP browser assures our customers that Pixo's software can comply with and support their WAP applications."

"Both Pixo and AU-System are dedicated to establishing next-generation services, applications and systems for mobile Internet access," said Anders Cedervall, Executive Vice President of AU-System. "The agreement with Pixo is an important step towards our goal to deliver the mobile Internet applications of the future." In another move to illustrate its commitment to advancing wireless Internet access technologies, Pixo today announced it has joined the WAP Forum. As a member of the forum, Pixo will be directly involved in driving the wireless Internet specifications of the industry.

About AU-System

Founded in 1974, AU-System quickly established itself as Sweden's first software specialist in the area of data communications. Today, AU-System remains Sweden's largest independent consulting company within the networking field, with more than 500 employees. AU-System offer world class wireless software solutions and advanced consulting services, including integration and development projects, business development, and advisory services. The head office is based in Stockholm with other offices in Gothenburg, Lund and Östersund. Earlier this year AU-System was presented with the prestigious industry award IT Company of the Year, 1999, by the Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer. For more information, please visit the AU-System Web site at http://www.ausystem.com.

About Pixo

Pixo, a privately held corporation, develops practical and easy-to-use applications for wireless phones. Residing in the phone itself, Pixo's software features an elegant graphical user interface and an advanced application suite that enable users to manage their personal information and communications, access all of the Internet, and conduct e-commerce. Serving primarily consumer electronics manufacturers, Pixo's cost effective solutions can be quickly and easily integrated into high volume phones.

Pixo has its headquarters at
20400 Stevens Creek Blvd.,
Cupertino, CA 95014;
telephone (408) 996-8224
fax (408) 996-8214.

Additional information about Pixo is available at http://www.pixo.com.

Pixo PR Contact
Rita Manachi
Text 100
415 836 5990
[email protected]

AU-System Contact
Anders Cedervall
46 705 330 330
[email protected]

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