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Trafficmaster and Webraska to launch mobile Internet service.

London, November 16, 1999. Trafficmaster Plc, the European leader in live traffic information services, and Webraska Mobile technologies SA, a leading provider of real time maps on mobile phones, intend to launch WAP internet services in the UK.

The services will provide traffic and journey time information sourced from Trafficmaster's network of sensors across British motorways and trunk roads. The information will be displayed on a map portrayed on the screen of mobile phones using the latest Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and software developed by Webraska. WAP phones enable internet access and are expected to be widely available over the next twelve months from manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson. The service enables the user to receive real time traffic and journey time information from any location across the country. Webraska has already launched a similar service in France using traffic information sourced from traditional sources.

The technology being launched by the two companies uses Webraska's internet-based digital map server, thought to be one of the largest in Europe, and provides real time access to maps by phone. Inter-modal routing, by foot, car and public transport, is also calculated by the system providing the user with the best journey time and routing. The services will also allow personalization to enable standard routes and addresses to be stored by the system and downloaded to the user.

The service will be available from early 2000. Revenues, which will be shared by the two companies, will be modest initially but are expected to grow as WAP phones are more widely available in the market.

"We are very honoured to work with Trafficmaster", declares Jean-Michel Durocher, Webraska's CEO. "They probably have the best traffic data in the world. Our joint solution allows users to fully exploit all areas of the service. The market for WAP traffic information services in the UK should rapidly reach several hundred thousand users."

David Martell, Chief Executive Trafficmaster Plc added: "This agreement is a clear demonstration of Trafficmaster's commitment to provide motorists with innovative solutions to tackle the problem of congestion. The combination of Trafficmaster and Webraska technologies will provide a powerful new feature on the latest generation of mobile phones."

About Trafficmaster Plc.

Trafficmaster leads the world in traffic detection technology, providing a range of innovative solutions to a growing list of partners in the telematics marketplace. Trafficmaster gathers live information on traffic conditions and journey times using a unique patented network of sensors, which currently cover all of Britain's Motorways and trunk roads and all of Germany's autobahn routes.

Plans are in place to extend Trafficmaster's technology to France, Italy and other key European markets.

About Webraska

Webraska Mobile Technologies S.A. is the world's first provider of real-time traffic maps on GSM screens using WAP, turning mobile phones into personal traffic co-pilots.

For Telecom operators looking for value-added services improving their subscribers' quality of life, Webraska's network-based virtual urban assistant offers, in real-time, personalised solutions that save time and help solve all urban travel needs.

Unlike on-board CD-ROM-based navigation products available in luxury cars, Webraska's IbDN (Internet-based Distributed Navigation) integrates directly on the Internet the data and technology required to guide mobile phone users on the move all the way to their destination, combining street-level cartography, real-time traffic information, public transportation networks, localised content, location means & route optimisation technology.

Webraska's patented technology and services are available exclusively in partnerships with telecom operators. Services have already been launched or are under tests in France with SFR, in Netherlands with KPN, in Germany with T-Mobil, as well as in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

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