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Mobility is Fun !

In Fusio and Webraska join forces to create the first WAP location-based games.

Paris, Nov. 10, 1999. In Fusio, world-wide leader in games development and animation for mobile phone, and Webraska, the leading provider of real-time mapping and guidance services for WAP mobile phones, are joining forces to create the first location-based games on a mobile phone.

'We belong to a leisure world. With 17 billion of USD turnover and a worldwide installed base of more than 60 million of consoles and 100 million of pocket consoles, these facts show the hidden mass market needs for video games !

The mobile phone has a lot of assets for bringing fun and pleasure to customers, traffic and subscribers loyalty improvement for the operators. The mobile phone is becoming the over the air interactive walkman of videogames consoles" notes Gilles RAYMOND, In Fusio's CEO.

In Fusio's expertise in developing, customising and animating games for mobile phone added to Webraska's know-how in real-time mapping displayed directly on a GSM telephone screen, space search, and guidance services are set to break new ground in mobile phone interactive entertainment.

'We are very excited to work with In Fusio in creating a new set of revolutionary entertainment. These new games will use the single most differentiating factor mobile phones have over traditional home or personal entertainment : mobility', says Jean-Michel Durocher, Webraska's CEO.

'Webraska is the leading provider of real-time mapping services to help solve all mobility needs. Our message is simple : mobility is fun !', adds Jean-Michel Durocher. 'It is perfectly natural for us to develop this message one step further, together with In Fusio. I think the result will be quite amazing.'

About In Fusio

In Fusio is a young innovative French start-up set up in August 1998. Thanks to its prospective market vision the company has built since successful partnerships with multinationals such as SFR, Schlumberger, Packard Bell Europe, Mannesmann and T-Mobil. With SFR, In Fusio realized a world-wide unprecedented event while launching games in pre-WAP (Wireless Application Protocol : inside mobile phones navigator). With Schlumberger the company also carried out another unprecedented event by developing games on SIM Toolkit. For more information, visit In Fusio on the Internet: http://www.in-fusio.com

About Webraska

Webraska Mobile Technologies S.A. is the world's first provider of real-time traffic maps on GSM screens using WAP, turning mobile phones into personal traffic co-pilots.

For Telecom operators looking for value-added services improving their subscribers' quality of life, Webraska's network-based virtual urban assistant offers, in real-time, personalised solutions that save time and help solve all urban travel needs.

Unlike on-board CD-ROM-based navigation products available in luxury cars, Webraska integrates directly on the Internet the data and technology required to guide mobile phone users on the move all the way to their destination, combining street-level cartography, real-time traffic information, public transportation networks, localised content, location means & route optimisation technology.

Webraska's patented technology and services, hosted on Europe's largest street-level digital map Internet servers, are available exclusively through telecom operators.

Webraska. Real-time maps and guidance on your mobile phone.

For more information, please visit http://www.webraska.com

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