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Provides Leading Edge, Robust Software Development Kit for WAP Applications for 25 Manufacturers' Phones Worldwide

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (November 10, 1999) - Phone.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: PHCM) today announced the availability of Release 4.0 Beta of the UP.SDK™ WAP Software Development Kit to the wireless application developer community. UP.SDK 4.0 is available at http://updev.phone.com, free of charge and provides a robust, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Version 1.1-compliant development environment for creating wireless Internet applications. UP.SDK 4.0 adds full support for WAP 1.1 compliant applications written in both WML and WMLScript. Using UP.SDK 4.0, developers can deliver Internet and intranet services and applications to screens of wireless phones equipped with a compatible microbrowser such as the Phone.comTM UP.BrowserTM microbrowser. With over 25 handset manufacturers around the world licensing the UP.Browser microbrowser from Phone.com, UP.SDK 4.0 provides developers with the tools necessary to deliver WAP applications to the widest selection of handsets in the industry. UP.SDK includes the robust UP.Simulator that accurately simulates the behavior of a phone running UP.Browser 4.0. UP.Simulator is designed to connect to any HTTP Web server either directly in "local mode" or via a WAP 1.1 gateway. Using Phone.com's Developer UP.LinkÔ Server, developers will be able to test the complete set of UP.Link 4.0 enhanced services and API's, including sending and receiving alerts and "push" data, bookmarking, sending emails and faxes, accessing the user's address book, and accessing subscriber ID and preference data. UP.Simulator supports the testing of both localized and internationalized content, with support for a variety of international character sets including US-ASCII, Central and Western European, Chinese, Herbrew, Japanese, Korean, Greek, and Turkish. UP.Simulator runs on Windows '98, Windows '95 or Windows NT.

UP.SDK 4.0 also includes a complete set of developer documentation and sample application source, which simplify the process of generating WML, sending notifications, and handling HTTP requests. The Windows COM library for UP.SDK makes it easy to integrate UP.SDK into industry-standard development tools. Phone.com's commitment to current developers and customers means that UP.SDK 4.0 can also be used to maintain existing HDML content, giving application developers the ability to develop the broadest selection of wireless Internet applications available.

"Phone.com's UP.SDK 4.0 provides the first-class development and test environment that we require to extend our existing real-time mapping WML applications to employ the power of client-side scripting with WMLScript," said Jean-Michel Durocher, chief executive officer for Webraska, a leading provider of traffic and guidance services on WAP. "We are turning mobile phones into personal co-pilots for network operators in Europe and Asia, and for this to happen we need tools such UP.Simulator 4.0 for our applications to run on a multitude of phones in a multitude of languages."

About Phone.com

Phone.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: PHCM) is a leading provider of software and services that enable the delivery of Internet-based information services to mass-market wireless telephones. Using its software, wireless subscribers have access to Internet- and corporate intranet-based services, including Email, news, stocks, weather, travel and sports. In addition, subscribers have access via their wireless telephones to network operators' intranet-based telephony services, which may include over-the-air activation, call management, billing history information, pricing plan subscription and voice message management. Phone.com is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and has regional offices in London, Belfast and Tokyo. Visit http://www.phone.com for more information.

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