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New WAP Identity Module (WIM) Opens the Door to Secure Wireless Internet Applications

[10 November, United Kingdom] Oberthur Card Systems is introducing the world's first Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled smart card, ConnectIC®. Using the new card, telecom operators, banks and commercial organisations will have a platform for the rapid introduction of user-friendly and secure WAP-based internet services and multi-applications.

The ConnectIC card is ideal for securing mobile internet services such as mobile banking, mobile ticketing as well as providing secure access to corporate intranets.

ConnectIC incorporates a special JavaTM 2.1 applet that performs the WIM functions as outlined in the proposed WAP WIM specifications. This can be combined with other applications, to create a multi-application environment for additional e-commerce, loyalty, SIM Toolkit and authorised transaction services as well as internet browsing.

Acting as an ultra-secure, portable storage and identity medium for access to wireless-based internet services, ConnectIC can store issuer defined connectivity information including IP addresses, dial up access numbers and homepages; as well as the card holder's personal information - favourite bookmarks and personal certificates.

Oberthur Card Systems Launches ConnectIC/2

Charles Damen, WAP Marketing Manager, of Oberthur Card Systems explains, "The basic purpose of WIM is to set up safe and confidential internet browsing on a WAP phone using WTLS* as well as ensuring the authenticity and non-repudiation of the data through the digital signature functionality. ConnectIC achieves this and much much more. Using RSA encryption, we have developed a WIM complying with JavaCard 2.1, EMV and Open Platform from Visa 2.0 standards, that will act as the foundation for future secure multi-applications. Oberthur Card Systems believes that this will heighten WAP's appeal and help fuel its rapid introduction and end-user demand."

Philip Yen, Senior Vice President of Visa International, now a member of the WAP forum, endorses this move, " The rapid growth in mobile phones and other wireless devices, together with the internet, has opened up a whole new environment in which banks can use their payment cards to truly provide their customers with anytime, anywhere access to services and products. We welcome the introduction of ConnectIC into this environment. We believe that products that embrace global standards such as Open Platform, provide a secure and flexible route to help facilitate the rapid advancement of WAP services."

Flexible in format, ConnectIC comes in a variety of sizes enabling it to be used in everything from dual slot card or dual chip phones to PC based card readers. Because it is JavaCard 2.1 compliant it provides a 'Write once, run anywhere™' program environment which makes it easy for issuers to develop and introduce new applets and services onto the cards.

WIM (ConnectIC) usage scenarios

Oberthur Card Systems Launches ConnectIC/3

Oberthur Card Systems has been a member of the WAP Forum since 1998, and has been actively involved in the development of smart card specifications supporting WAP. The resultant WIM specification is likely to be voted in WAP 1.2 specification in November 1999.

JavaTM is a trademark of Sun Microsystems
ConnectIC® is a registered trademark of Oberthur Card Systems
WTLS : Wireless Transport Layer Security " Write once, Run anywhere " is a trademark of Sun Microsystems

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