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Business travellers can check flight details any time, any place with their WAP mobile phone

8 November 1999- "Pocket Portal" developer Digital Mobility (www.digimob.com) has demonstrated the world's first ever WAP-delivered travel information services for business travellers using flight information provided by OAG, the world's leading independent provider of travel information products and services.

Business travellers can browse scheduled flight details via a WAP handset - providing business travellers with a supremely convenient way to manage their travel itinerary. By dialling into Digital Mobility's London-based WAPHUB™, WAP phone users experience rapid connection, with connectivity to the server typically taking just ten seconds… significantly less than connection to the Internet via a dial-up modem connection. An easy-to-navigate scrolling menu then allows users to select their chosen destination and flight times with information delivered directly from OAG's worldwide database of commercial flights.

"As the undisputed market leader in its field, OAG shares Digital Mobility's vision of WAP as a powerful new delivery channel that will provide mobile phone users with vastly enriched access to a new world of high-value, relevant travel information." says Digital Mobility Director of Products & Services Marcus Taylor.

OAG's Business Development Director Lyndsey Whitehead comments:
"OAG has been delivering travel information for 70 years and have created an environment where being at the vanguard of new technologies is important to us. WAP is the next step in our development as we bring our quality data to a greater travelling audience."


OAG is the world's leading independent provider of travel information products and services, offering business travellers, corporations and the global travel industry the information they need to make effective travel planning decisions.

Best known for its flight guides, OAG offers essential travel information for easy use both in the office and on the road. Customers can access this information through a variety of media, ranging from portable pocket guides and desktop references in print and electronic format, to a customised travel information system for use on a company's Intranet or Local Area Network.

The OAG portfolio includes OAG Pocket Flight Guides, OAG Flight Guide, OAG Cargo Guide and OAG's Networked Travel Information.

IATA requires airlines to file their schedules with OAG before IATA will supply an airline with their designator code. OAG currently processes the schedules information of over 800 airlines.

At the core of OAG's business are its information databases. Renowned for their quality, these databases form the basis of all OAG's publishing activities. In addition, OAG supplies airline data to the world's global distribution systems (GDS) used by travel agents, corporations and airlines throughout the world; customised timetables and other data products for airlines and airports; and market analysis of flight schedules and related data for research, planning and marketing purposes.

OAG operates globally from offices in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong, supported by a network of representatives in many other countries.


Through its WAPHUBTM technology, Digital Mobility's "pocket portal" offers access for mobile users to financial and other content via the new generation of WAP-enabled handsets from vendors including Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens and Motorola. Digital Mobility's services are:

  • Ubiquitous - delivering banking and other services to mobile users any time, any place;
  • Universal - adaptable to all terminals (WAP and SMS delivery);
  • Dependable - advanced communications management features, including re?establishment of a session even after a "dropped" call.
  • Operator neutral - accessible to any mobile phone user equipped with a WAP terminal;
  • Safe and secure - presenting a "trusted client" to the content provider augmented by the intrinsic network security and encryption of digital mobile networks;
  • Personal and personalised - reflecting user's individual service profiles and needs.
  • Digital Mobility will launch its own portfolio of financial and information services from early 2000 under the InHandTM brand, and is also working closely with a number of major banking and financial services brands to develop and deliver their own m-banking offerings. Launching on November 20th this year, a pilot scheme in collaboration with UK mobile network operator Guernsey Telecom will deliver a range of InHand services to Guernsey's GSM mobile phone subscribers.

  • OAG Worldwide, a division of Reed Business Information and a member of the Reed Elsevier plc group, publishes travel information products in print and electronic format under the OAG brand, including OAG Cargo Guide, OAG MAX, OAG Pocket Flight Guides, OAG Travel Information System and OAG Flight Guide. OAG's data is transmitted also to the world's global distribution systems used by travel agents, airlines and associated organisations throughout the world.
  • Operating from headquarters in London, Digital Mobility Limited was established in 1998 to serve the "high net worth European executive" through provision of Information / Communication / Authentication / Transaction services provided through fixed and mobile networks.
  • Digital Mobility Limited is creating a profitable business founded on a ubiquitous environment where end-users can easily access and control their assets from anywhere, at any time through the convergence of portable and networked communication technologies.
  • Digital Mobility Limited is backed by investment from Swedish Venture Capital fund Ledstiernan.
  • Digital Mobility is a member of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum
  • For further information on Digital Mobility, please contact:

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