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LG Information & Communications selects the AU-System WAP Browser for CDMA handsets in the Korean market.

October 25, 1999 LG Information & Communications has selected the AU-System Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Browser as the enabler of WAP functionality in the Korean market for the company's CDMA mobile handsets.

LUND, SWEDEN, October 25, 1999 - AU-System AB announces that LG Information & Communications (LGIC) has licensed the AU-System WAP Browser, which is to be included in LGIC's CDMA products targeted at the Korean market.

The AU-System WAP Browser allows LGIC to rapidly implement WAP 1.1 functionality in the company's CDMA mobile handsets. The licensing arrangement also calls for AU-System to deliver software updates making the WAP browser fully compatible with future releases of the WAP specification, defined by the WAP Forum (www.wapforum.org).

"The generic and modular design of the AU-System WAP Browser is a great plus which was decisive for our selection of this product. This approach enables us to deliver mobile handsets with WAP 1.1 functionality with a very short time to market", said Gi-Seob Shin, Director of Mobile Terminal OBU with LGIC. "In addition, AU-System provides excellent tools to differentiate the 'look and feel' of our Graphical User Interface, which is a key competitive issue in our market."

The AU-System WAP Browser is based on a generic, component-based design, making it easy to adapt to different types of wireless terminals for all major digital transmission standards: mobile handsets, PDAs, and other handheld devices. It is equally flexible when working with multiple operating environments, with versions available for Windows CE, Palm OS, EPOC, OSE Basic, Auto PC, and REX. AU-System also ensures interoperability with WAP 1.1 gateways provided by Ericsson, Nokia, and other vendors.

As a supplier of leading-edge software for wireless information and telephony services on digital mobile handsets and other wireless terminals, AU-System takes active part in the WAP standards process within the WAP Forum.

"Our licensing contract with LGIC underscores our intention to establish AU-System as a major global supplier of key enabling software for WAP and other emerging wireless networking technologies", said Anders Cedervall, Executive Vice President, AU-System AB. "This agreement illustrates that WAP is today's wireless data technology of choice, regardless of transmission standard. It also confirms our strategy to partner with leading equipment vendors and service providers, aiming to establish WAP as a global de-facto standard."

For further information please contact:

AU-System AB
Anders Cedervall, Executive Vice President
Tel: +46-705-330 330
E-mail: [email protected]

Joakim Nydemark, Product Manager
Tel. +46 70 635 16 09
E-Mail: [email protected]

LG Information & Communications
Byong-Oak Kong
Tel. +82 2 850 3023
E-Mail: [email protected]

About AU-System
Founded in 1974, AU-System quickly established itself as Sweden's first software specialist in the area of data communications. Today, AU-System remains Sweden's largest independent consulting company within the networking field, with more than 400 employees. AU-System is also a world-leading supplier of Internet security and wireless technology, and is a member of the WAP Forum. AU-System is owned by the international private equity group Schroder Ventures, 75%, and Ericsson, 25%. For more information, please visit the AU-System web site at http://www.ausystem.com

About LGIC
LGIC established in 1979, LG Information & Communications, Ltd. (LGIC) is a leading world-wide provider of integrated information/communications equipment and solutions. Principal business fields include switching & transmission, mobile communications, communications terminals and information networks.

To its clients, from the largest enterprises to the newest business start-ups and individual consumers, the LGIC name is a byword for the latest technology, superior quality and customer satisfaction. This reputation for excellence is a result of the hard work and commitment to excellence of the 5,665 employees at the Company's production, R&D and marketing operations across Korea and around the globe.

In 1996, LGIC was first in the world to commercialise a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) digital mobile communication system. In 1998, the Company broke new ground overseas with exports of its handsets to the US market and wireless local loops to China, Romania and Russia. For more information, please visit LG information & Communication's web site at http://www.lgic.co.kr