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First WAP Application in use.

October 15th 1999 Wireless Data Services (WDS) has developed one of the first WAP applications to be publicly demonstrated in the UK.

Developed for Orange, the UK's most advanced digital mobile phone network, as a demonstration of their forthcoming media and commerce services, the application allows visitors to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to access the complete show guide via a Orange WAP-compatible GSM handset. Users can search the 1300 shows by date, time, genre and keyword search. The system also allows a voice call to be placed to the relevant show ticket office automatically. Information can also be retrieved on the facilities at each of the 200 venues, including information on accessibility for the disabled.

Between August 8th and August 31st 1999, 30 Orange representatives using Nokia 7110 handsets were made available in Edinburgh as an information source for visitors.

As well as developing the application, WDS provide the hosting services for the WAP content and the database of show information.

Hugh Roper, Managing Director of WDS commented: 'This is an important development in the mobile data industry, as it's one of the first in the UK to prove the technology in a realworld application. Only when you see this type of service in use do you realise the full potential of having vast amounts of information available directly from the handset."

Richard Brennan, UK commercial director, Orange, said: "Orange is very excited about this new technology, as it gives a means to provide a wide range of lifestyle related information in a simple easy to understand manner to our customers. Our ability to search and find shows out of the huge database for the visitors to Edinburgh Fringe using the Orange Nokia 7110 is an excellent demonstrator of the power and usability of WAP technology. He continued: "We contracted WDS to design and write the Fringe services and were very pleased with the care and precision that was put into the final result with minimal involvement from our own staff."

The Orange WAP service is the first of what the industry expects to be a new range of media and commerce services. Information content providers have welcomed the advent of WAP as an exciting new avenue for disseminating user-based information. Network Operators have eagerly adopted WAP as an opportunity to provide subscribers with value-added services - generating revenue in some instances, but usually aimed at fostering customer loyalty.

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is an industry open standard championed by the WAP Forum to facilitate the easy access to information by handset users.

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Background Information

Wireless Data Services (WDS) are primarily a Help Desk Support operation, providing end-user support services to mobile data users. The service is available as a managed contract basis, and is provided on behalf of Telcos; Network Operators; manufacturers of handsets, datacards, laptop PCs, PDAs and all products associated with mobile data use; software vendors of mobile data applications; plus channel distributors and systems integrators.

Support services are provided in a dozen languages and are in operation 24 hours a day. Support desks are manned by teams specialising in different fields of expertise, and located in strategic centres throughout the world.

In addition, WDS provide a range of complementary services, such as Benchmark testing, Training, CBT, Multimedia design, Consulting, Internet web-page design and management, and WAP development.

WDS are members of the MDA (Mobile Data Association); the MDI (Mobile Data Initiative); and the WDF (Wireless Data Forum). Wireless Data Services are leading exponents of remote data communications in all global regions, and across leading wireless data platforms.


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