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Two worldwide premières at Telecom Geneve 1999: Webraska's CD-ROM-less car navigation and real-time traffic maps using WAP over GPRS.

Geneva, October 14, 1999. French start-up Webraska Mobile Technologies SA, the leading provider of real-time traffic and guidance services for WAP mobile phones, is pleased to announce that its unique traffic, mapping, location-based and distributed guidance services for WAP mobile phones are on demonstration at Telecom Geneva, by Alcatel, SFR/Cegetel, Phone.Com and Sagem.

Webraska's services include real-time traffic maps that display road conditions graphically directly on the screen of a mobile phone, street-by-street guidance by foot, subway or car, taking into account the traffic jams to optimise an itinerary in real-time, and proximity services that locate the nearest parking or gas station from any address entered on the telephone keypad or from automatic positioning techniques.

Alcatel Hall 4, is showing Webraska's WAP services on a world's first demonstration of GPRS infrastructure and mobile phones with WAP browsing. “Map, traffic and route displays on mobile phones will be one of the first services to really benefit from GPRS technology, giving mobile operators an immediate benefit for launching GPRS in the next few months”, says Jean-Michel Durocher, Webraska's CEO.

Alcatel is also demonstrating Webraska's Internet-based Distributed Navigation (IbDN) technology on an in-car equipment with Java capabilities, showing how GPRS will be beneficial for all kind of mobile usage and terminals, including in the car. IbDN is Webraska's patented technology providing CD-ROM-less car navigation services. With mapping, traffic & tourist information available through Webraska's Internet server that also provide all route optimisation, expensive products usually found in luxury cars are replaced with user friendly & interactive services. Webraska's Java IbDN offers full colour maps with zooming capabilities, extremely fast route computation, display of gas stations, restaurants, hotels etc. available in the area. With a click of the screen, one obtains a picture of the restaurant along with its menu and telephone number, all fetch from the Internet, allowing for instant reservation.

Alcatel is showing in another demonstration the concept of automatic location technology with Webraska's WAP proximity services. Mobile phone subscribers can press a single key and automatically obtain a listing of the nearest parkings, garages, hospitals, post offices, gas stations, etc. around Palexpo in Geneva, obtain information about a given service and get foot, subway or driving directions to get there, along with the time it will take them.

Phone.Com, Hall 4 is demonstrating WAP services on mobile phones, including Webraska's real-time traffic maps and multimodal route guidance.

SFR / Cegetel, Hall 4 is demonstrating Webraska's WAP services in its e-media portal, Europe's first WAP commercial offering launched in April 1999.

Sagem, Hall 4 is also demonstrating Webraska's real-time traffic maps on WAP over GPRS, using Alcatel's GPRS infrastructure.

About Webraska

Webraska Mobile Technologies S.A. is the world's first provider of real-time traffic maps on GSM screens using WAP, turning mobile phones into personal traffic co-pilots.

For Telecom operators looking for value-added services improving their subscribers' quality of life, Webraska's network-based virtual urban assistant offers, in real-time, personalised solutions that save time and help solve all urban travel needs.

Unlike on-board CD-ROM-based navigation products available in luxury cars, Webraska integrates directly on the Internet the data and technology required to guide mobile phone users on the move all the way to their destination, combining street-level cartography, real-time traffic information, public transportation networks, localised content, location means & route optimisation technology.

Webraska's patented technology and services, hosted on Europe's largest street-level digital map Internet servers, are available exclusively through telecom operators.

Webraska. Real-time maps and guidance on your mobile phone.

For more information, please visit http://www.webraska.com
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Catherine Besson
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During Telecom 99, please contact in Geneva: Eric Wurmser, +33 6 16 47 62 57