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Telenor Mobil introduces Internet access from your mobile phone

Telenor Mobil announces the launch of a service which will provide mobile phone subscribers with Internet access from their phones. The technology is called WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and links GSM and the Internet, allowing users access to information and services hosted on standard WEB servers.

"A wide range of services are already available using this technology, for example bus and train timetables, news, weather forecasts, share prices, banking services, encyclopedias, etc.. Services and information are created in WML, or Wireless Markup Language, a language specially developed for mobile phones. It is very similar to HTML, but is adapted for small screens and low bandwidths," says Telenor Mobil Managing Director, Stig M. Herbern.

WAP gateway

Telenor Mobil will offer its customers access to a WAP gateway which acts as an interface for customers who want to use mobile Internet services. From here, customers can access a wide range of high-quality WAP services. The interface is structured into 7 categories or directories and each directory includes a wide range of services available to customers.

"We want customers to have access to all WAP services, not just those provided via the gateway. One of the options for the gateway is a therefore a 'Go to URL' field. Customers will be able to access any WML page by entering its Internet address," explains Stig M. Herbern.

Rapid development

"The range of services available is already quite wide and new services are being added every week. This is how it will continue. When customers get up in the morning and switch their mobile phones on, they will probably find that several more exciting new services have become available on the gateway since the previous night," he says.

WAP services are menu-based and interactive, i.e. you can click on menu options and access new options. You can then go back or continue to narrow down the options until you find the service you require. WAP services can also support basic graphics and icons.

Before a customer can start using WAP, their phone must be programmed using certain parameters. In many cases, this will have been done before the customer purchases the phone. If not, the customer must do this himself/herself. At present, phones must be programmed manually using the phone menu. In the near future, this process will be simplified; the customer will be able to send an SMS message until 1999 and parameter settings will be adjusted automatically. The customer will not have to set the phone's parameters himself/herself.

For more information, please contact:

Elisabeth Hegg Gjølme, Director of PR,
Telenor Mobil: +47 22 78 51 00/ 901 40 449
Ole Tom Nomeland,
PR Manager,
Telenor Mobil: +47 22 78 46 20/ 901 08 590

Telenor Mobil's WAP gateway:


Provides a summary of all your SMS, MobilSvar, MobilFax and MobilPost messages. Access to the necessary basic services is acquired through subscription to Nomade.

Telephone directory
Directory enquiries 180. Search the telephone directory using name or telephone number.

Several of Norway's major media/newspapers offer up-to-the-minute weather reports and news in a format suitable for mobile phones.

Information on shares, securities, currency exchange rates and basic banking services.

Useful travel information and services.

Entertainment services and games. Information on activities, the arts, etc..

Go to URL
Go to any WML site.

WAP services available from Telenor Mobil as of 7 October 1999:

Service Provider Description

NRK News NRK The NRK News service provides up-to-the-minute, updated news direct from teletext. Access to the latest domestic, international, sport and culture news.
Aftenposten Aftenposten provides up-to-the-minute, updated news direct from the newspaper’s database. Access to the latest domestic, international, sport and financial news.
Weather DNMI Provides weather forecasts for the region you select (5 regions in Norway). Short-term and long-term forecasts.
IT info Itavisen IT-Avisen provides up-to-the-minute, updated news on developments in telecommunications, computers, mobile telephony and the Internet.
Shares Oslo Stock Exchange Search for share prices using name or ticker code.
Securities Oslo Stock Exchange Search for securities prices using name or ticker code.
Currency Oslo Stock Exchange Currency converter. Enter an amount and currency and the converter calculates the equivalent amount in the requested currency.
Fokus Bank Fokus Bank and Internett Aksess Via Fokus Bank’s WAP service, you can apply for more credit while you are shopping in town. If you want to find out how much it will cost, you can use your mobile phone to work out monthly repayments and interest. You can also obtain information on the various products offered by Fokus Bank.
Transport info Trafikanten Provides information on all timetables for services in the greater Oslo area. Customers can make specific searches by entering journey start and finish locations.
Trondheim.com Trondheim Municipality and Internett Aksess Trondheim.com is a city information service for Trondheim. The service gives you access to a summary of attractions in the city, a list of accommodation, weather forecasts for Trondheim and a concert guide which lets you know what concerts are on.
Late availability SMART Searches for late availability travel with Saga and Star Tour.
City FishNet Provides information on events such as concerts and films. Select Oslo or Bergen.
Jokes Telenor Mobil Select from three categories of joke.
Cocktails Telenor Mobil Cocktail recipes. Search for names or ingredients. Chose from over 100 different recipes.
TravelLink SMART TravelLink is an independent travel service. The service provides timetables which show flight departures sorted according to the desired departure location and in the following order: 1. Non-stop, 2. Direct, 3. Change of plane. The timetable also shows which flights are fully booked. You can also use your phone as a currency converter which performs calculations based on the day’s exchange rate.
Go to URL Telenor Mobil This service allows you to enter any Internet address (in WML format) and go directly to it.
CapLex (encyclopedia) J.W. Cappelens Forlag AS The CAPLEX Internet encyclopedia via WAP allows you to search for information no matter where you are. Using a basic search facility, you can look up words and subjects you want to find out more about. All 64,000 entries in the CAPLEX database can be accessed. The encyclopedia is updated on a regular basis, so CAPLEX via WAP provides accurate, up-to-date information when you need it.
UMS Telenor Mobil The WAP version of UMS provides a easy to view summary of all your MobilSvar, MobilFax and MobilPost messages. You can also send messages from your personal address book and monitor the messages you have sent from UMS in your Outbox. You can also make basic changes to the set-up of your Telenor Mobil services (UMS has full Internet support via Nomade’s web pages).
Telephone directory Telenor Media This service allows you to search on residential names or telephone numbers in Norway.
Filmweb Filmweb Provides information on films currently showing at cinemas. At present, only details for Fram Kino in Bodø are available, but the service will gradually be expanded.