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Webraska's anti-traffic jam mobile phone WAP services to be offered by KPN Telecom in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, October 12, 1999. French start-up Webraska Mobile Technologies SA, the leading provider of real-time mapping and guidance services for WAP mobile phones, is pleased to announce that KPN Telecom BV from the Netherlands will offer Webraska's services within its WAP services.

Webraska's services include real-time traffic maps, street-by-street guidance and proximity services that locate the nearest parking or gas station from any address entered on the telephone keypad. Based on TeleAtlas Intelligent Maps, these innovative services will first cover the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, and will quickly be extended to all cities.

We are very pleased to work with KPN Telecom, declares Jean-Michel Durocher, Webraska's founder and CEO. KPN will be one of the first telecom operators to provide WAP services in Europe this year, and we are happy to be able to extend our coverage to the Netherlands.

Making sure that KPN could offer Webraska's virtual urban assistant to its subscribers was important in our strategy, says Amos Kater, KPN's WAP project manager. Only a few services can offer at the same time such a good interactivity, quality of dynamic graphics and personalised day-to-day relationships.

Where am I? Where is the nearest this or that? How do I get somewhere, by car, foot or tram? What is the fastest route, avoiding traffic jam? How long will it take me?.

More and more, mobile phone users will turn to their operator to help them solve these basic mobility needs, adds Mr. Kater.

The traffic information in the Netherlands is superb, adds Mr. Durocher. This service should be as popular in the Netherlands as it is in France and Germany. To visualise, directly on the screen of your mobile phone, the conditions of the roads surrounding you, is a powerful feature. It reduces stress. And to obtain optimised route to avoid these traffic jams, by car or public transportation, will help hundreds of thousands of commuters save time every morning and evening.

Webraska's services, covering most of Europe and available today in France, Germany and the Netherlands, will be accessible to WAP enabled phone owners in Dutch, English, French and German.

About KPN Telecom

KPN aims to be one of the first operators offering her customers services based on WAP. KPN will provide personalised services like personal e-mail, agenda and addressbook and broad and qualified content from well know and able companies like CNN and major Dutch information providers. Mobile access to corporate databases, telephone directories and schedules are important services as well. These services will be introduced during the year 2000. As market leader on the Dutch mobile market, with a focus on developping the Dutch mobile data market, KPN bundles her internet and mobile skills, in order to fully exploit the opportunities of WAP. KPN teams up with Nokia the world's leading mobile phone supplier to include the Nokia 7110 in her offer. This mobile phone is developed for faster and easier use of WAP based services. KPN believes this new kind of tailored services based on WAP will boost data traffic. KPN also believes that WAP will enable mobile e-commerce to take off soon.

About Webraska

Webraska Mobile Technologies S.A. is the world's first provider of real-time traffic maps on GSM screens using WAP, turning mobile phones into personal traffic co-pilots.

For Telecom operators looking for value-added services improving their subscribers' quality of life, Webraska's network-based virtual urban assistant offers, in real-time, personalised solutions that save time and help solve all urban travel needs.

Unlike on-board CD-ROM-based navigation products available in luxury cars, Webraska integrates directly on the Internet the data and technology required to guide mobile phone users on the move all the way to their destination, combining street-level cartography, real-time traffic information, public transportation networks, localised content, location means & route optimisation technology.

Webraska's patented technology and services, hosted on Europe's largest street-level digital map Internet servers, are available exclusively through telecom operators.

Webraska. Real-time maps and guidance on your mobile phone.

For more information, please visit http://www.webraska.com

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