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CMG introduces Wireless Banking based on WAP

Utrecht, 28 September '99 - CMG is introducing new products and development and implementation services for Wireless Banking. Wireless Banking is the handling of financial transactions via personal, wireless communication devices such as GSM-telephones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). For this, CMG has developed the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Service Broker with which banks and other financial institutions can quickly provide a complete range of Wireless Banking services. The large number of mobile phone users and the ever-growing number of Internet users create the wireless World Wide Web. This is bound to become the most important commercial channel of the future.

CMG's WAP Service Broker

Data exchange between the Internet and a mobile telephone is effected by a gateway. However, a gateway alone is not sufficient as the supply of Internet data is still too large and cannot be searched effectively by a mobile telephone. CMG developed the WAP Service Broker to solve this problem. This product offers operators the opportunity to make available only those Internet services that are geared to the mobile environment. In addition, users can indicate the services to which they want to have access. With the aid of WAP it is possible to develop interactive and protected services for mobile communications devices. The owners of WAP-compatible devices can make use of Wireless Banking services in any location and at any time.

In order to be able to benefit optimally from the possibilities of WAP, a multifunctional system is necessary with which well-protected, easily-controlled and purposeful services can be developed. With the WAP Service Broker developed by CMG, WAP services can be developed, implemented and managed, including the creation and personalisation of information. The WAP Service Broker has all the necessary tools for encryption, protection, billing, directory services and browser. All these tools can be used via the web and are accessible from every browser. Various connections to other operating systems are also possible.

CMG Wireless Banking service provision

CMG has combined its expertise in the field of telecommunications and its knowledge of financial service provision in the new Wireless Banking business unit. This business unit helps customers in the development and implementation of Wireless Banking services, amongst other things by providing knowledge of the Wireless Banking technologies, by carrying out feasibility studies and by setting up business cases. This new business unit can set up the operating processes and infrastructure necessary for Wireless Banking, including the installation and configuration of the WAP Service Broker. The business unit will also develop complete Wireless Banking applications in close co-operation with the customer.

Wireless Banking offers financial service providers the possibility to make available their services 24 hours a day. With the WAP telephone, it is possible to use interactive services, from personalised news and stock market reports to banking services and products. These services can be closely matched to the specific requirements and wishes of the individual. Wireless Banking gives banks and financial institutions an additional opportunity of strengthening the loyalty of their customers.


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