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Ubiquity joins the WAP Forum and releases Ubiq.Bank

Ubiquity joins the WAP Forum and releases Ubiq.Bank, its first WAP application to bring the Interactive Service on mobile phones

(London, September 15, 1999) - Ubiquity S.r.l., the first European company focusing exclusively on applications running on non-PC information appliances, today announced its associate membership in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum.

WAP is the leading standard for wireless information and telephony services on digital mobile phones and other wireless information appliances.

The WAP Forum is committed to bring together companies from all segments of the wireless industry value chain to ensure product interoperability and growth of the wireless market. WAP Forum members represent over 95% of the global handset market, carriers with more than 100 million subscribers, leading infrastructure providers, software developers and other organisations providing solutions to the wireless industry.

Ubiquity is totally committed to the development of compelling WAP solutions and applications both for the service and content industry and for mobile network operators across Europe. "Ubiquity's membership in the WAP Forum is the natural consequence of a several months commitment to the development of WAP applications. I am proud to announce today that Ubiquity is now releasing its Ubiq.Bank: the first WAP interactive banking and portfolio management solution that brings traditional Internet financial online services transparently on a range of information appliances," said Dario Calogero, President and CEO of Ubiquity. "First shipping platform for Ubiq.Bank is WAP GSM, with Internet TV Set Top Boxes and Personal Digital Assistant to be released in the near future."

Ubiquity is working in close partnership with the major WAP players, handsets manufacturers, technology and application providers, including Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Phone.com and w-Trade.

About Ubiquity

Ubiquity is an independent system integrator and an application developer focusing on non-PC information appliances, including GSM Phones, Internet TV Set Top Boxes and Digital Decoders, Palmtop PC and Personal Digital Assistants. Customers who have chosen Ubiquity's solutions are fixed and mobile network operators, Internet Service Providers, Banks and Financial Services, Publishers.

For more information, visit the Ubiquity Web site at www.ubiquity.it

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