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CMG'S WAP Service Broker is V1.1 compliant

A unique solution that gives network operators full control over the WAP service offer

Utrecht, September 15, 1999. CMG has made its WAP Service Broker product available for mobile operators and also announced compliance with version 1.1 of the specification. This announcement signals the company's entry into the WAP arena and the addition of service broker functionality indicates that CMG's strategy will be based on technology leadership.

The WAP specification defines protocol conversion between IP and cellular environments, including support for the Circuit Switched Data (CSD) and Short Message Services (SMS) bearers. This baseline function is supplied by a WAP gateway. Network operators, however, are not the wireless equivalent of an Internet Service Provider. They need more functionality in order to create differentiated service offers that enable the delivery of profitable, managed services to targeted user groups.

The WAP Service Broker provides this functionality. A comprehensive set of billing data is produced both at bearer level and at service level. Directory services are provided for registration of users as well as services. The solution is highly configurable and is transaction based. This implies that the operator can support a broad spectrum of pricing models and business models ranging from open Internet browsing to branded and managed services.

"Our GSM customers recognise the importance of WAP and many are planning tests and field trials of WAP-complaint services as soon as the handsets are available in their market. We have been testing WAP-compliant prototypes from various vendors in recent months and CMG anticipates the commercial release of the new handsets in the fourth quarter. Support for version 1.1 of the specification plus the unique functionality of the service broker concept will enable CMG's customers to ride the first wave of WAP products and services," says Wim Wedershoven, CMG Product Manager of the WSB product line.

'CMG is committed to the WAP market', says Geert Kolthof, CMG's Programme Manager for Mobile Value Added Services. We build high performance and scalable messaging and gateway products for the mobile telecommunications market. For the WAP market, we expect growth rates that are comparable to the growth rates we are currently experiencing for Short Message Services, a market in which we consider ourselves technology leader with our SMSC product, which is extremely rewarding for our customers. WAP's requirements in terms of transaction speed, capacity, reliability, managability and scalability are similar to those for SMS. We have the know-how, the technology and the resources to comply and we can prove it'.

Background Information

CMG has been an active member of the WAP Forum since 1998. The company is one of the few suppliers of cellular information systems having such a comprehensive solution - possibly the only supplier. The key products that make up CMG's offer to the mobile communications industries are: short message service centres, cell broadcast systems, mobile e-mail systems and the WAP Service Broker. CMG has supplied over 100 systems to 60 mobile operators in over fifty countries and the company is the undisputed market leader in messaging and gateway solutions.

CMG PLC is a public company founded in 1964 operates internationally from its bases in the UK, Ireland, the United States of America, China, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium, implementing and supporting applications for clients around the world. Shares are traded on the Amsterdam and London stock exchanges.

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