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Carriers, ISPs and the Enterprise can now offer wireless access to Internet or Intranet based content.

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., September 14, 1999 - RTS Wireless will introduce and demonstrate enhancements to its field-proven Advantage™ System supporting the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) at PCS '99, September 22-24, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Advantage™ System uses WAP to convert and optimize Internet data to meet the characteristics of wireless networks and allows retrieval of content from Web servers and Enterprise information systems. Access is provided for all WAP compliant applications. Support for 1-way and 2-way e-mail, messaging, personal productivity, personalized information services , and e-care are available. Advantage™ WAP configurations are available implementing a WAP Proxy Server, a WAP Application Server, and an integrated Proxy/Application Server. The RTS line of WAP products reside on a modular, expandable core technology platform based on the IBM Netfinityâ server hardware architecture. "Our objective for the WAP enhancements to Advantage™ is to make it straightforward for a Wireless Carrier or ISP to implement their own Wireless Portal

Services; and equally straightforward for Content Providers and Enterprises to make mission-critical information readily available to the WAP-enabled device user," says Brennan Hayden, Director of Product Management. To facilitate a smooth transition path for existing subscriber bases equipped with Short Message Service (SMS) or paging devices, RTS Wireless offers the Advantage™ WAP Transition Application Suite. The Transition Application Suite is a set of WAP applications designed to provide features and functions familiar to existing wireless messaging subscribers. RTS Wireless Connectivity Integration Services for WAP make available the Company's extensive experience in wireless systems and networks to developers, integrators and Enterprises to assist in the deployment of an organization's target set of WAP applications, technologies and content. For Advantage™ systems already in commercial use, a trade-up program is also available. According to Bruce Laskin, Vice President of Product Development, "Our WAP products and services extend the reach of the worldwide installed base of Advantage™ servers, providing wireless Internet connectivity and applications to the rapidly expanding array of wireless communication devices becoming available to consumers. The Enterprise will more easily be able to deliver data beyond the physical limitations of their wireline networks, reaching employees and customers anywhere, any time." The RTS Wireless WAP Proxy Gateway is based on a 100% compliant implementation of the WAP v1.1 Protocol Stack, as defined by the WAP Forum. The gateway includes an open XML-based interface using Wireless Communications Transport Protocol (WCTP) for administrative and application interfacing by external systems. The system also supports Java Servlets for access to a defined API by external applications using the Java Programming language. RTS is a member of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum, a worldwide standards-developing organization whose members include some of the largest companies in the computer industry and wireless telecommunications. The WAP Forum was founded in 1998 and now has more than 100 members. RTS Wireless is also a member of the

Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association (CTIA) and the Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA). The company chairs and co-chairs a number of wireless industry standards bodies. Founded in 1988, RTS Wireless is a leading provider of software and network systems which are used to connect the Internet, Enterprise (Corporate) intranets, and conventional computer networks to any type local or wide-area wireline or wireless voice and data networks. The Company's wireless connectivity products are deployed as mission-critical network elements at many of the world's largest PCS, Cellular, Paging and Satellite carriers. RTS is based in Plainview, N.Y., with offices located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, Seattle and London. The RTS AdvantageTM System provides a host of advanced capabilities including interfacing with callers and subscribers to create innovative revenue-producing services; operating, monitoring, controlling and protecting service providers' wired and wireless networks; and providing gateways between dissimilar networks to create unified messaging solutions.

For additional information on RTS Wireless, please visit the RTS web site at www.rtswireless.com or call (516) 939-6655. You can also visit with RTS representatives in the RTS booth (#2244) at PCS '99, September 22-24 in New Orleans, Louisiana.