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Angelica Wireless ApS distributes free license of the ANGEL ONE - a fully functional WAP 1.1 compliant service gateway- to all interested parties.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (September 13, 1999) - During the upcoming WAP Forum meeting in London, Angelica Wireless will distribute free versions of the ANGEL ONE and offer free download at www.angelica.dk. The ANGEL ONE is a full-featured WAP gateway allowing users of WAP compatible mobile phones to download and execute powerful applications from the Internet. A selection of such applications will be available at the Angelica Wireless web site and thus accessible for all users connecting through ANGEL ONE.

ANGEL ONE implements a "protocol transparency" mode of operation, in which detailed debug and trace information is returned to developers, thus allowing complex bugs and design problems to be detected in the early stage of development.

ANGEL ONE is one of many products from Angelica Wireless that are available under both Windows NT and Linux operating systems.

ANGEL ONE is implemented according to the WAP 1.1 specifications and comprises all mandatory features, including Connectionless Mode, Connection Oriented Mode, and support for UDP/IP and Circuit Switched Data over GSM.

ANGEL ONE software is highly optimised for the performance of large data volumes and large number of simultaneous users. The WML processing engine utilises the ultra fast IBM XML Parser for C++, which Angelica Wireless helped port to the Linux operating system.

For a limited time, Angelica Wireless will host a free ANGEL ONE service to help potential customers and service providers get started on the Wireless Internet. Up to date information on this service is available at www.angelica.dk.

Angelica Wireless is a leading developer of Wireless Internet products, and has been active in WAP technology development since the foundation of the WAP Forum in 1997. AW has a strong base of expertise within the new Wireless Internet technologies; in particular in-depth knowledge of the WAP technology, detailed insight in several WAP platforms and a good understanding of the components needed to create and distribute an end-to-end Wireless Internet service. AW also runs WAPNET.COM the information site about WAP. More information: http://www.angelica.dk, http://www.wapnet.com, http://www.wap.dk.

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Angelica Wireless
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